3 Up, 3 Down: Philadelphia Freedom

3 UP

1.  Citizen’s Bank Park, Homer Sweet Homer

Since 2014, the Mets have just trounced the Phillies at Citizens Bank Ballpark going 22-9.  Since Citizen’s Bank Park opened, the Mets have hit seven or more home runs at the ballpark three times.  This is the only ballpark in which the Mets have accomplished that feat.  Over the last 22 games at Citizen’s Bank Park, the Mets have hit 47 homers.  During the series, we saw home runs from Jay Bruce (2), Asdrubal Cabrera, Yoenis Cespedes, (3), Michael Conforto, Travis d’Arnaud, and Lucas Duda (2).

2.  Wheeler Wins!

After missing over two years due to Tommy John surgery, Zack Wheeler earned the win. Wheeler was much better in his second start than the first. He kept his velocity and was hitting his spots through the first five innings. He dominated the Phillies over those five innings. He built off his first start, got better, and had a start he can really build off of going forward.

3.  d’Arnaud Catching Back On

One of the biggest question marks at the beginning of this season was whether d’Arnaud could be healthy or return to his 2015 form.  His 2-10 start to the season and Collins’ benching d’Arnaud for Wheeler’s first start back didn’t exactly inspire confidence that d’Arnaud was finally going to have that breakout season.

His terrific series in Philadelphia has assuaged many of those concerns. On Monday, he adapted on the fly and called a much different game when it was apparent Jacob deGrom did not have his stuff. Later in the game, d’Arnaud made an outstanding block of what appeared to be sure wild pitch from Jerry Blevins that started an inning ending 2-6-3 put out. Finally, as noted by Mark Simon of ESPN Stats & Info, d’Arnaud secured two strike threes for Addison Reed, who needed those pitches as he was struggling in his effort to get the save.

Offensively, d’Arnaud was 3-11 with two runs, a double, homer, and three RBI.  After this series, you can finally see him getting back to being the 2015 version of d’Arnaud.



1.  Harvey’s Hamstring

Twice in Matt Harvey‘s start on Tuesday, he seemed to tweak his leg while covering first base.  The first time it happened, he stayed in the game. The second time it happened Terry Collins justifiably took precaution and pulled Harvey from the game.  As of right now, everyone is calling the issue a cramp or a tight left hamstring, and everyone insists Harvey will make his next start. Based upon the Mets issues with downplaying injuries and the inability to keep all of these pitchers healthy, we all have the right to be concerned until we see Harvey step foot on the mound again.

2.  Reyes Isn’t The Only Infielder Struggling

With Reyes starting the year going 2-37 and his being dropped in the lineup the struggles of Neil Walker have been over looked.

So far this season, Walker is only 7-34.  From the left-hand side of the plate he is just 3-21. While Reyes struggles have served as a shield for Walker’s struggles, sooner or later Walker’s struggles will come to light. At some point, you will have to begin to question whether Walker returns to his 2016 form after last year’s season ending back surgery.

Still, it is too early to worry about that especially with Walker playing well defensively at second base.

3.  The Crown Does Not Fit The Lion King’s Head

Michael Cuddyer didn’t leave much of an impression in his one season with the Mets, but the one thing he did do was bring the belt. The belt became the team version of the game ball with it going to the player with the best game. The Mets have noticed other team’s doing it, and they have decided to adopt something new. With that in mind, David Wright, in both his capacity as team captain and as a way to keep engaged with the team, got a crown. We can all argue whether we like the crown or not, but at least we can all agree that the crown should fit the head of the Lion King:


In this picture, Cespedes looks less like Mufasa or Simba and more like Prince John.  This is a serious and inexcusable misstep.

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