Tebow Saves The Best for Last

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Over the past few weeks, Tim Tebow has been among the most talked-about players in baseball. Even now, you the reader just clicked on another Tebow article for a variety of reasons.

Maybe it was to learn more about him, perhaps it was to trash-talk the coverage of him in the comments, or feasibly it was even to defend him from the expected negative comments. Whatever it may be, another conversation has been started because of something seemingly normal that he had done. Tebow-mania will likely sizzle out a bit when he finally stops playing spring games, but he still saved the best for last.

Tebow only played in five games this spring (14 at bats) and was able to play in that many games because the World Baseball Classic depleted the Mets roster. In his first game, he went 0-3 with a hit by pitch. One of those outs was a double play which scored a run. While he was not credited for a RBI on that play, he was instead rewarded with a standing ovation. Afterwards Tebow didn’t give the crowd much to cheer for until his third game where he got his first hit and made a nice diving catch.

Coming into Wednesday, Tebow was 1-11 (.091). Surprisingly he was one of the top performers for the Mets on Wednesday with two hits in three at bats and a catch that helped Rafael Montero get out of a tough inning. That was easily his best game of the spring and one of the best games he has had in his very brief professional baseball career.

However, Terry Collins said after Wednesday’s game that Tebow will no longer play in big league spring training games.

Tebow-mania isn’t something that can be explained easily. He is a very popular and captivating person for many reasons. Whether it’s his outspoken faith, random acts of kindness, or the great work done by his charity, the Tim Tebow Foundation, it’s no wonder why he is considered one of the nicest people out there.

Tebow will be a topic Mets fans will probably hear about all season as long as he is on one of their minor league affiliates. After all, he’s one of the only players you can find in-depth articles written about for striking out twice and grounding into a double-play.

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