Pitching Expert Says Noah Syndergaard Is At Risk For Injury


New York Mets fans might want to look away from this one. One of baseball’s best pitching gurus has some potential bad news for the Mets and their ace. Noah Syndergaard will likely be injured by “the second week of June.”

Those are the words of pitching expert Tom House. House was formerly the Texas Rangers pitching coach. Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan credited him with prolonging his MLB career. Ryan said about House, “Tom taught me things I hadn’t heard about in my 22 years in the game. He helped me slow down the aging process.”

House is a strong believer in pitchers pitching year round. He believes Syndergaard will get hurt this season due to the fact that he put on 17 pounds of muscle without pitching throughout the winter.

House told Bob Klapisch of NorthJersey.com via phone, “unfortunately, this is an injury waiting to happen by the second week of June. Unless you’re picking up a ball while you’re getting stronger, you’re just adding muscle that doesn’t know how to throw.”

Syndergaard told Klapisch that he hasn’t thrown all between November and the beginning of camp. The big righty said he gets what House is saying but is “not worried.”

Syndergaard probably isn’t worried because of the Mets strong belief that throwing less is the key to injury prevention. Thus far in camp there is a whole new injury prevention method in place. Starters throw off a mound every three days as opposed to every two. Also during fielding drills, pitchers aren’t allowed to actually throw.

At the beginning of camp Syndergaard also said he hopes to throw harder this upcoming season. Noah is already up there as one of, if not, the hardest throwing starting pitchers in the game today after averaging 98.86 MPH on his fastball during the 2016 according to Brooks Baseball.

House added that he is really a fan of Thor. “He’s tremendous … Baseball needs more young players like him … Im praying for Syndergaard. I really hope I’m wrong.” Mets fans hope you are wrong too Mr. House.

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