Good Fundies Episode 31: Brian on the Street

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Brian tired himself out after venting his continuing frustration at the lack of activity by the Mets front office, Matt Harvey declining to unblock him on Twitter despite extreme awareness, declaring we are all currently living in the darkest timeline, and from sending Roger to the therapist’s office to admit he’s frustrated at the Mets as well. (Yes, Jay Bruce was involved.)

Fortunately, Brian had a lot of positive energy hosting a game show a few days earlier testing Mets fans’ knowledge of their favorite baseball team, romance novels, and serial killers at the Queens Baseball Convention. In an even more fortuitous stroke of luck, the flattering facsimile of ‘Billy on the Street’ was recorded and presented on this episode. J.T. Teran and Michelle Ioannou of Rising Apple, and members of the Citi Field Sheas and The 7 Line Army were among the fun contestants.

The two also went into the mailbag and answered listener’s questions and concerns, like if the team’s new ‘catching guru’ can cure Travis d’Arnaud, if the fans and media will enjoy another spring training car and pony show from Yoenis Cespedes, and if David Wright will start more games than Michael Conforto. Feel free to email or leave a voice memo at to take part in that in the future.


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