MMO Mailbag: Ranking the Sluggers on Trade Block

J.D. martinez

Carl asks…

I read over the weekend that the Minnesota Twins might be close to trading Brian Dozier who I wasn’t even aware he was available. What other power hitters are available right now in addition to Jay Bruce and how would you rank them in terms of value?

Joe D. replies…

There may be one or two players I may have missed, but the sluggers you keep hearing about the most are Brian Dozier, Todd Frazier, Andrew McCutchen, J.D. Martinez and of course Jay Bruce. Let’s take those five and see where they rank in various categories. I included Steamer projections for the 2017 season.


.384 – J.D. Martinez
.370 – Brian Dozier
.340 – Jay Bruce (2 teams)
.329 – Andrew McCutchen
.326 – Todd Frazier


.546 – Brian Dozier
.535 – J.D. Martinez
.506 – Jay Bruce
.470 – Andrew McCutchen
.464 – Todd Frazier

wRC+ Actual (2016)

142 – J.D. Martinez
132 – Brian Dozier
111 – Jay Bruce
106 – Andrew McCutchen
102 – Todd Frazier

wRC+ Projected (2017)

129 – Andrew McCutchen
119 – J.D. Martinez
107 – Bran Dozier
101 – Todd Frazier
97 – Jay Bruce

Looking at those metrics, it looks like Martinez and Dozier are the top two options followed by Bruce, McCutchen and then Frazier holding up the rear. However, the Steamer projection paints a different story and they fully expect McCutchen to rebound significantly, while projecting Bruce to continue along the same trajectory he was on after he was traded to the Mets.

Financially, Dozier represents the best value as he’s owed $6MM in 2017 and $9MM in 2018. Frazier heads into his final year of arbitration after earning $7.5 million last season. J.D. Martinez is set to earn $11.4 million in 2017 and then becomes a free agent. Bruce has $13 million coming before he’s a free agent, and McCutchen is owed $14MM for ’17 and has a $14.5MM option for ’18.

Those are all the numbers, so take your pick.

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