Good Fundies Episode 29: This is Not a Blog (with Dan Szymborski)


Roger and Brian wished each other, as well as the listeners, a very happy holiday season and New Year, before they talked about the recently quiet Mets offseason, as well as the fairly funny (to Mets fans) Winter Meetings the Nationals just had, before admitting that the Nationals still might be the better team.

They then had a long chat with Very Special guest Dan Szymborski of ESPN, who talked about which team is the one to beat in the NL East. He also tells us about the history of ZiPS, why he didn’t name it SiPS, the Baseball Think Factory days, the massive trade value of Ecto Cooler in the school cafeteria, what to expect from Cespedes moving forward, and why Curtis Granderson is like the suit you wore to the high school prom.

Dan also discusses getting dirty looks at Ned Yost media sessions, his feud with Murray Chass, the one player he wished Carl Everett played with, and more if you can believe it.


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