Wear Orange On Wednesday! #WEARORANGE


As far as I’m concerned, Mets fans are without question the best and most loyal fans in baseball. Their passion for the team is always on full display here on MMO and of course on social media where Mets Twitter has become an MLB phenomenon.

The connections that Mets fans make with the players is widely known and it goes all the way back to the formative years when Casey Stengel donned his rumpled Mets pinstripes and led a rag-tag group of players into our hearts. From that day forward, the Orange & Blue started running through all our veins.


Right from the start, Mets fans changed the dynamic between a team and it’s fans, celebrating the first ever Banner Day, adopting a lovable mascot, having their own anthem, and let’s not forget baseball’s best game chant – Let’s Go Mets!.

Mets fans loved their team and through all the good times and bad, we always wore our team colors with pride. No matter how dire the circumstances, you can be sure to hear the true die-hards utter our now famous rallying cry “Ya Gotta Believe”, and believe we did.

I come to you with a call to arms.

It came to my attention that the many loyal fans of the 7 Line Army who will be attending Wednesday’s Wild Card Game, will all be donning one of their bright orange t-shirts.

I’ve always thought it was so cool to look toward right center to see an entire section of Mets fans all dressed in royal blue or bright orange whenever they came to Citi, and even more so during their many invasions when the team was on the road.

One of our readers posed the question:


Wouldn’t it be cool if the Giants or Cardinals were to show up at Citi Field on Wednesday to see an incredible sea of orange?

You know what? It would be better than cool, it would be…

Totally Freaking Outrageous!

Why don’t we make it a reality?

Why don’t we make it happen?

Let’s all show up for the game on Wednesday, wearing the brightest orange t-shirts, tanks, blouses, jackets, whatever, that you can find!

Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your co-workers…

If you are heading out to Citi Field for the Wild Card Game…


RT this article or pass this along to every Met fan you know, especially if they are going to the game!


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