What Does Wilmer Flores Need To Do For More Playing Time?

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Wilmer Flores is red hot. There is no denying it at this point. When he plays, he hits. Period, end of story. It is time for Terry Collins to go by his own mantra and play the man who continues to hit and sit those who have not.

Flores again in Wednesday’s 6-2 loss to the Chicago Cubs provided all the Mets offense on the day with a two-run shot. He has been not only the hottest Met this month, but one of the hottest players in the National League and nearly unstoppable.

“When you’re feeling good at the plate, you want to be out there every day,” Flores said. “I’m trying to find ways to stay ready whenever I’m not playing.” (NY Times)

“I know that my time will come, if it’s here or somewhere else. But I know my time will come. Right now, I’m just doing what I have to do whenever I’m in there.”

Sporadic playing time aside, Flores has put up gaudy numbers as of late. Over his last 15 games he has hit to a .292/.327/.750 slash line while smashing seven homers. He has produced 13 RBI and 10 runs scored in this torrid stretch as the Mets utility-man.

In the month of July, his slash is even more monstrous, sitting at .341/.378/.878. Flores, admittedly so, advised after the game that at times it is hard to not be discouraged.

“You try not to be discouraged because you obviously want to play,” Flores said. “Those are things you can’t control. You just wait for the opportunities.”

“We’re on a mission here and the goal is to win,” Flores added. “It doesn’t matter with who, it doesn’t matter how. At the end of the day all that matters is the win. Personally I like to win, I don’t care how.”

It is hard to ask anymore of the 24-year old Flores. He has done everything and then some as of late. He is expected to be in the starting lineup for the first game of the Marlins series as they send LHP Adam Conley to the mound.

In the month of July, Flores is tied with Max Kepler of the Minnesota Twins for the most homers at seven. You would think Terry Collins would find a way to get Flores’ bat in the lineup on a more consistent basis, at least while he continues crushing baseballs like he is right now.

But he seems committed to just starting him whenever a southpaw is on the mound for now. which is why he’s only started two of the last six games.  “He’s doing damage,” Collins said. “But you’ve got to pick your spots.”

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