What Bartolo Colon’s First All-Star Team Looked Like

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Terry Collins announced on Friday that Bartolo Colon will be named to the NL All-Star Team. This makes the former Cleveland Indian and Montreal Expo this year’s oldest All-Star, and will surely be one of the most talked about players in San Diego.

This is the first time that Colon has made a NL All-Star team and the fourth time overall he’s made the Midsummer Classic. His first nod came in 1998 while he was a sophomore with the Indians at Coors Field–  a baseball eternity ago. 

Here was the starting lineup for that game, per Baseball Reference:  

1. Kenny Lofton, LF       1. Craig Biggio, 2B
2. Roberto Alomar, 2B     2. Tony Gwynn, RF
3. Ken Griffey, CF        3. Mark McGwire, 1B
4. Juan Gonzalez, RF      4. Barry Bonds, LF
5. Jim Thome, 1B          5. Chipper Jones, 3B
6. Alex Rodriguez, SS     6. Mike Piazza, C
7. Ivan Rodriguez, C      7. Larry Walker, CF
8. Cal Ripken, 3B         8. Walt Weiss, SS
9. David Wells, P         9. Greg Maddux, P

And here were the reserves:

   R Palmeiro, 1B           A Galarraga, 1B
   M Vaughn, 1B             B Boone, 2B
   R Durham, 2B             F Vina, 2B
   D Easley, 2B             V Castilla, 3B
   S Brosius, 3B            J Kendall, C 
   D Palmer, 3B             J Lopez, C 
   S Alomar, C              D White, CF
   B Williams, CF           G Vaughn, LF
   D Erstad, OF             M Alou, OF
   B Grieve, OF             D Bichette, OF
   P O'Neill, OF            G Sheffield, OF
   M Ramirez, OF            S Sosa, OF
   D Jeter, SS              E Renteria, SS
   O Vizquel, SS                                          
   R Arrojo, P              A Ashby, P 
   R Clemens, P             K Brown, P 
   B Colon, P               T Glavine, P 
   T Gordon, P              T Hoffman, P 
   P Martinez, P            R Nen, P 
   T Percival, P            R Reed, P 
   B Radke, P               C Schilling, P 
   A Sele, P                J Shaw, P 
   J Wetteland, P           U Urbina, P

Bartolo Colon pitched the fifth inning of that game. Diamondbacks outfielder Devon White led off with a triple. Colon then walked Mark McGwire and allowed a three-run home run to Barry Bonds to give the NL a 6-5 lead. He then induced ground balls to Chipper Jones and Mike Piazza before striking out Moises Alou to end the inning. Despite the rough inning, Colon was the pitcher of record in a 13-8 AL win.

Colon and Alex Rodriguez are the only two 1998 All-Stars who remain active. Fellow NL teammate Addison Russell was just four years old at the time of this game. Bryce Harper and Jose Fernandez were just five. “Saving Private Ryan” was No. 1 at the box office and “The Boy is Mine” by Brandy and Monica was the No. 1 song in America. So yeah, this was a long time ago.

Another reminder of how long ago this game was: It was televised on NBC. When was the last time you saw a baseball game on NBC?

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