Jenrry Mejia and His Lawyer Set to File Lawsuits Against MLB


Vincent White, the lawyer of ex-Met Jenrry Mejia is preparing to sue Major League Baseball for alleged “corrupt mob-like activity.”

White issued a statement on Monday regarding his suit, which he claims will shed light on the illicit activities of the commissioner’s office, including “the breaking of state and federal laws, invasion of privacy, computer hacking, extortion threats, and obstruction of justice.”

In April of 2015, Mejia tested positive for Stanolozol, just one week after he went on the disabled list for elbow inflammation. The former Mets closer served an 80-game suspension before returning to the team in July. However, he then tested positive for the same drug (Stanolozol) in addition to Boldenone two weeks after his return to game action.

In the midst of the 162 game suspension given for his second offense, Mejia tested positive again for Boldenone in the 2015 offseason. Following his third positive test, the commissioner’s office handed down a lifetime ban, making him just the second player in Major League history to receive the game’s most severe punishment.

It is important to note that White’s legal action is not directly on behalf of Mejia, but rather a crusade against Major League Baseball and it’s drug policy enforcers. White says he plans to use Mejia’s case as a key piece of evidence.

In light of his lawyer’s actions, Mejia decided to file a separate suit where he will argue for his own reinstatement. Throughout his suspension and appeal process, Mejia claimed that he only failed one test.

He further alleged that the league pressured him to release information on where he obtained the PED’s after his second positive test, which he insists was inaccurate. But his most significant ground breaking assertion came when he stated that the league conspired to engineer a third positive test to ban him for life after his previous unwillingness to cooperate.

The MLB has denied both Mejia’s and White’s allegations.

While no claims have been substantiated in the public eye from either side, it will be very interesting to see how the situation plays out over the next few months. Stay tuned…

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