Syndergaard Has Cespedes Fever

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When the Mets re-signed Yoenis Cespedes, not only were the fans enamored by it-but, most of his teammates were as well. Noah Syndergaard has been one of the more outspoken players on his admiration for Cespedes.

In an article by Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News, Syndergaard recalls exactly why he believes that Cespedes is so awesome. Syndergaard states, “Let me see, the way he walks in the clubhouse, he just has that presence, that swagger, the charisma that he carries himself with.” Syndergaard continued, “But he’s also very humble at the same time. He’s just a standup guy to be around.”

This was pretty interesting to see him refer to Cespedes as humble and as a standup guy. Many people questioned why no team jumped at the opportunity to sign the 5-tool outfielder. Some media members and fans alike called into question his character. After all, he did jump around the league quite a bit. From the A’s, to the Red Sox, then on to the Tigers, and finally to the Mets- where it seems that he has finally found a home.

Syndergaard’s thoughts continued, “I think it’s awesome that he is also a scratch golfer and I am an aspiring golfer and know how hard it is,” he added. “And just the talent. Wow. I’ve never seen anybody hit a ball that hard and far.”

It is quite interesting to see Syndergaard bring up Cespedes playing golf. In the past, Ces received some flak for playing golf-most notably during the World Series. Bravo to Mr. Syndergaard for having his teammate’s back. I am certain Yoenis will have his by knocking in some runs during the season.

Noah concluded, “I am extremely happy to have him as a teammate again.” I think that all Mets fans would agree with that statement. We are ecstatic to see Cespedes donning a Mets uniform again. Now go and bring home that Championship!


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