Where Was Jeff Wilpon?

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If you had an opportunity to watch the Hall of Fame press conference, you would’ve noticed the Mets sent a contingent there to show their support and appreciation for Mike Piazza. Team owner Jeff Wilpon, GM Sandy Alderson and Assistant GM John Ricco were all on hand for the special occasion.

As Adam Rubin noted on ESPN.com, Sandy Alderson stuck around to answer some questions from reporters. During the impromptu press conference of sorts, Sandy addressed a myriad of issues ranging from his health to replacing Paul DePodesta to the team’s offseason, and of course everyone’s favorite topic: the payroll.

First and foremost, it is great that Sandy is able to work during his cancer treatments. I wish him well. With that said, where was Jeff Wilpon through all of this?  I cannot believe there was not one reporter in that room who didn’t want to ask him a question.

No, Jeff Wilpon likely made himself scarce and/or unavailable. He was not there to answer questions about his feelings about Piazza’s induction or discuss the possibility of retiring Piazza’s number. He was also not there in case any hard questions arose:

  1. Can you comment on the Mets settling a case where it was alleged you discriminated against an unmarried pregnant woman?
  2. What are the payroll limitations for the 2016 season?
  3. Has your recent debt restructuring put any limits on the team’s ability to spend like your prior debt agreements had?
  4. If payroll isn’t increasing, why did the Mets raise ticket prices?
  5. What would you say to fans who feel like the owner’s aren’t keeping their promise to invest in the team when attendance and revenue increased?

These are all fair and reasonable questions.  Other New York owners have stuck around to answer the tough questions. John Mara did it recently.  Jeff Wilpon didn’t. Instead, he sent out a 68-year old man battling cancer to field all the tough questions while he scurried away.

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