Mets Still Open To Full-Time Center Fielder

juan lagares

While it seems ever more likely that the Mets will be looking for a platoon player in center field in the coming weeks, Assistant GM John Ricco won’t rule out the possibility of acquiring a full-time center fielder.

It appears likely that Juan Lagares will enter next season as part of a platoon, but there are certainly a good deal of full-time options available in free agency and on the trade market.

“If it were somebody to replace [Lagares], I’m not going to say no to that,” Ricco told reporters at the Winter Meetings, “But that’s just another one of the options we’re looking at.”

Among the potential acquisitions are Jason Heyward, Yoenis Cespedes, George Springer, Denard Span, and Dexter Fowler.

However, there are also plenty of platoon options out there, such as Will Venable, Gerardo Parra, and others.

Lagares hit .273/.333/.438 this past year against lefties, but struggled to a .253/.271/.328 line against right-handed pitching.


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