There’s Something Amazin’ Going On In New York This Summer

Uribe Juan

I’ve written about the New York dynamic and the bitterness it tends to spur from Mets/Jets/Islanders crowd towards the Yankees/Giants/Rangers crowd in two different books now. It’s been going on forever.

Howie Rose told me in two different interviews about the difference in recognition, credit, comparison, and pretty much everything else when it comes to the two fan bases. I mean the Islanders had to pay a territorial tax to the Rangers when they first came into the league. Who does that?

Is 2015 the beginning of something new here in the Big Apple?

The Yankees didn’t make any headline spurring moves before the trade deadline, but the Mets sure did. Heck, we even caught the attention of Jerry Seinfeld with one of our trades. Granted Mr. Seinfeld is a known Mets fan, but the point is New York Mets baseball is finally casting its own shadow over the five boroughs rather than simply being encompassed by one.

empire state building esb

A pitcher whose notoriety has been blended into the background a bit with all the hubbabaloo over Harvey, Syndergaard, deGrom, and Colon, is native New Yorker Steven Matz who out-dueled Yankees ace Masahiro Tanaka in the series opener.

For a park where former Mets broadcaster Wayne Hagin claims home runs “go to die,” the Mets didn’t have any problem putting three in the seats last night.

Juan Uribe, which name – forgive me Howie – I can’t imagine being sounded out by any broadcaster’s voice other than that of Vin Scully, has been solid, and he proved himself such with a two-run insurance home run in last night’s 5-1 win over the Yanks.

Is this the beginning of some universal shift? Are the New York papers going to give the Mets their due? Granted I don’t snatch a Daily News or copy of The Times from off my front doorstep anymore these days, but I’d imagine the boys from Flushing have been hogging most of those back pages this Summer.

What a scary thought it must be for the other National League division and wild card leaders right now, realizing that the Mets are looking like a powerhouse.

Even with a win last night, the Nationals need sherpas to even see how high the Mets are on that summit. Yes folks, we’ve got the pitching, and the hitting, and even the fielding and base running. That spells B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L and that spells W-I-N-N-E-R!

Is there any team out there who really wants to face these Mets right now… Our Mets? I’d bet no.

ya gotta believe