The Amazin’ 2015 Mets! Sometimes You Really Do Just Gotta Believe!

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Sometimes you really do  just gotta believe…

Wow, what a year… What a season… Everything continues to keep coming up Mets and I couldn’t be more thrilled than I am right now about this team I love so much.

Today feels extra special because I feel I’m finally now joined by all Mets fans in believing that this team is dangerous, that this team is a lock for the postseason, that the Washington Nationals are dead, and that we could possibly ride our pitching and offense all the way to a World Series championship.

No more writing articles telling fans and a particular blogger to stop worrying about Chokes, Collapses and Ghosts of September Past. And time to finally start believing in this incredibly talented, exciting and formidable team. Yes, it’s time to believe!!!

Here we are with the unstoppable Mets solidly in first place in the NL East, a full 20 games over .500 and on a pace to win 95 games. Were you smiling as you read that?!

Here we are with just 20 games left to play and the magic number to clinch at just 12, putting us in a perfect position to clinch sometime next week, pop some champagne, rest our regulars, and position our pitchers the way we want to for the playoffs. As Howie Rose would say, Oh Baby!!!

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There are so many amazing things to be proud of regarding the 2015 Mets. As I’ve said for months now, they are perhaps the most resilient Mets team I have ever seen since I really began following this team in 1969.

We are blessed with so many fun, different and unique personalities that I believe will go down in Mets history being just as beloved as Tommie Agee, Cleon Jones, Ron Swoboda, Gary Carter, Mookie Wilson and Keith Hernandez are today, and those are just the hitters!

Today, September 13, 2015, is my birthday and my New York Mets are the talk of baseball and the most feared team in the game.

I couldn’t have asked for a more special birthday present. Well maybe one more thing… how about we bring home that beautiful golden trophy – you know – the one with all those glistening little flags? 🙂

After this afternoon’s game the Mets will fly back home to Citi Field to play the Marlins, Yankees and Braves in front of a stadium packed with wildly exuberant and excited fans giving their team a hero’s welcome!


What a glorious week it’s going to be as we countdown each game at an electrified Citi Field until we hopefully clinch in front of our hometown crowd. It’s going to be filled with many incredibly thrilling experiences and long lasting memories!

The check with meaningful games in September, our Mets are playing stupendously magnificent games in September. Every game seems to be a thrill ride for all our senses. Their remarkable resiliency and ability to come back no matter how many runs they are down has been so exciting and invigorating to watch.

We are so blessed right now. We have a team that strikes fear into our opposition like the 1986 squad used to do. How are starting pitching is the envy of all of baseball, and since we added Yoenis Cespedes we’ve become an unstoppable force.

And great seasons always require a lot of luck, and how amazing was it to hear Keith Hernandez repeat what I’ve been saying over and over and over again this season. I totally freaked out when I heard him say yesterday, “It feels like all the stars and planets are aligning for the New York Mets this season.”

Keith! I had no idea you read MMO!

Seriously though, this is it, strap yourselves in… Confidence among the fans is finally at an all-time high and exactly where it should be! We are excited, we are thrilled, and we are all loving and cheering on our team no matter what! Most important of all, we are all believing!!!

Now that’s what I call… Baseball Like It Oughta Be!

Let’s Go Mets!!!

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