10 Signs You Root for the New York Mets

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Meaningful September baseball? A real lineup? A starting rotation that dominates, and a reliable bullpen? Are we sure these are the same Mets that looked all but dead in June? The short answer is no, they aren’t; they’re a rejuvenated, electric, never-say-die bunch that feed off the crowd’s energy while simultaneously creating their own (and believe me, there is plenty of momentum in the crowd).

Yoenis Cespedes is a complete game changer, Tyler Clippard and Jeurys Familia are a lockdown combination, and there are no longer any automatic outs in the lineup. Chances are you’ve been loyal to the orange and blue quite some time now, and you may have picked up some of these habits that make it more obvious than you think that you’re a Mets fan.

blue orange sky

1. Your eyes are trained to spot the colors orange and blue.

That’s a nice looking, vaguely blue water bottle sitting on the counter over there. Holy crap, there’s an orange right next to it!

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2. In fact, half the things you own are orange and blue.

Orange shirt, blue shorts. Blue sheets, orange pillowcase. Blue shoes, orange laces. Definitely a blue and orange phone case. Is there a pattern here?

jacob deGrom

3. You style your hair like Jacob deGrom.

And you’ve sent him multiple fan letters asking him what kind of shampoo and conditioner he uses.


4. You have the urge to scream extremely crass things whenever you hear the name “Fred” or “Jeff”

It’s a built in defense mechanism.

mr met vs philly phanatic

5. You hate everything about Philadelphia.

Screw you too, Washington Nationals.

david wright

6. You stick your tongue out like David Wright while performing everyday activities.

Taking out the garbage, paying bills, walking the dog, you name it, tongue out.


7.  Something in your family is named Shea.

Your dog, your kid, your car…


8. You cringe at the mere mention of the year 2006.

“I can’t believe it’s been nine years since we married, honey. On this day in 2006—honey… why are you crying…?”


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9. Your pin number is some variation of the numbers 86 and 69.

I just can’t imagine why!

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10. The word “amazing” is your favorite word.

But you usually shorten it to “Amazin’”. Life is strange like that sometimes.

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