Only the Mets: The Sequel


Come on, people.  We should have known.  After all these years, we should have realized after the rollercoaster ride from heaven to hell on those days which will live in infamy, July 29-30, 2015, that the story was hardly over.  That the final chapters had not yet been written.  That something akin to paradise could somehow be regained.  Because after all…

This is the Mets we’re talking about.

Only the Mets could lurch uncontrollably from hope to happiness to shame to ecstasy…in three days.  They don’t call them the Amazin’s for nothing.  Because – as if we need to be reminded – amazin’ doesn’t always mean the good amazin’.  But every so often, it really, really does.

At the risk of repeating myself, our emotional roller-coaster in the 24 hours between Wednesday and Thursday evening began thusly:

Wow, fantastic, we’re getting Carlos Gomez, just what we need.  Wait, we’re giving up on Wheeler, one of our budding studs?  Hold on, are we gonna get burned when Flores turns into a real hitter in Milwaukee?  Hey, why are Gomez’s numbers down this year?  Why the hell hasn’t Collins pulled Flores out of the game?

Then, It sure looks like Wilmer Flores has been crying – hey, he HAS been crying.  Look, the fans are giving him a Standing O – touching.  Look, Collins finally pulled Flores out of the game – the deal must be done.  Wait, Flores said they told him there was no deal.  I don’t believe this – Collins is swearing like a drunken sailor and saying he, the manager of the damn team, was never told what the rest of the world knew.

Then,  I really don’t believe this – Alderson is now saying there is and will be no deal.  It must be because the Brewers didn’t like the medicals on Zack Wheeler and got cold feet – maybe Wheeler is in worse shape than they’re saying.  Wait, they’re now saying it was actually the Mets who didn’t like the medicals on Gomez.  Oh, boy, they missed a chance to get a difference maker.  Oh, thank God they didn’t get damaged goods and resurrect the ghost of Victor Zambrano.

It could have ended there, but noooooo…this is the Mets.  Fast forward to noon Thursday.

God, how embarrassing – shameful even – to be a national laughingstock.   Can this team actually recover from the gut punch of last night?  Well, look at that, they’re finally hitting – seven runs and a sure victory – that’ll erase some of the sting.  Oh boy, Bobby Parnell sucked and Hansel Robles gave up a grand salami – well, we’ll probably win anyway.  Familia again – no way he blows three saves in a row.

jeurys familia

Well, he made quick work of those first two hitters, didn’t he?  OMG, look at that – a torrential downpour and lightning – where’s the ark?  Well, all they need is one more lousy out and we can finish holding serve against a mediocre team.

OK, so he gave up a couple of weak singles – no way Upton hits a three run bomb.  Oh, God – he did!  This is the first time since, when did you say, 1970, they’re gonna blow a six run lead on their home field…after the horror show of last night?  And now we have to suffer one more indignity – waiting who knows how long to watch Kimbrel put the final nail in our coffin.  I want to just, just, go somewhere and vow repeatedly:  I’’m finished with this team, I’m finished with this team, I’m finished…

Then Friday beckons.  I swear I’m not gonna look at the trade rumors – I can’t have my heart broken again.  OK, I’ll just look once, maybe around noon, and then I’ll wait until 4 pm to get the news that Alderson tried but failed to get a real bat.  OK, OK, I’ll only look one more time.  Jay Bruce – that sounds pretty good.  What’s that?  Talks have broken off with the Reds.  Figures.  Now, they’re saying Yoenis Cespedes.  Yeah, right, they’re gonna get Cespedes.  I can’t look. I won’t look until 4 pm.  Wait, they’re saying this could actually happen. Yeah, right.

I don’t believe it.  They got him!  And didn’t have to give up Wheeler…or Wilmer, though I was kind of excited to see how that Fulmer kid would do in the majors after dominating in Binghamton.

Wouldn’t it make for a perfect day if Flores did something important in such a crucial game tonight? Nah, that’s the stuff of novels.  Wow, what a great play he made.  How about that,, he drove in the first run – hopes this ends 1-0 – that would be perfect poetry. He’s getting a personal canyon of heroes treatment from the fans.

wilmer flores

Oh boy, Campbell’s in left field – he’s so gone tomorrow – can’t wait for Cespedes.  Geez, how often have we seen this script – Harvey pitches great and leaves a victim of non-support…again.  Let’s win this in extras.  This game is getting long – 12th inning, Flores leading off.  What if…what if?

That looks like a gapper.  Wait, it’s carrying. It’s…outta here!!!!!!!

Are you freakin’ kidding me?

But wait, that’s not all.  Send before midnight tonight, and in the next game, we’ll throw in the greatest power show on earth from that slumping first sacker the manager had threatened to bench.  One game back.

This was like compressing the unforgettable three week roller-coaster at the end of 1999 into 72 hours.  Except this part of the book ends on a high note, and the rest of the book now promises to be a page turner.

Only the Mets indeed. But ya gotta love it… And Believe too!

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