I’ve Got An Ax To Grind

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I’m sorry Mets fans, but what I’m about to tell you really has me beyond frustrated and I have this urgent need to vent.

First, I want you to know, that in my 12 years of running this site, I have never sold my integrity for access to the team. And as a matter of fact, I believe I may have lost what little access I had, solely because I refused to relent when it came to how I truly felt about team ownership.

Lately, I often get asked why I often come off sounding so angry when I write, and the truth is it’s because I see things that frustrate me, especially when I see the Wilpon-powered media duping fans with their non-stop propaganda. It sickens me. I wish people could see through their veil of lies and see things the way I see them.

This afternoon, when I learned Eddie Coleman reported that the Mets balked at Ben Zobrist because he is owed about $2-3 million for the rest of year, I wanted to punch my first through a wall.

I have no way of knowing whether it’s true or not, but using history – both past and recent – as a guide, and knowing Coleman is one of those high integrity reporters, I absolutely do believe it to be true.

Of course this comes on the heels of two separate SNY/Wilpon entity reports today, that the Mets have money to spend at the deadline, and even general manager Sandy Alderson saying last week, the team is ready to overpay for what they need if they have to. Really?

How can we believe anything that they say? Where do you draw the line? Only in a Wilponian world gone mad, is the majority of team news, hyperbole, speculation and propaganda reported through Wilpon owned subsidiaries. And still there are those who defend this process and let it thrive into the cash cow it has become.

This latest ball-twisting news shouldn’t be shocking, but it is because nobody expected the Mets to be this stingy in a year when attendance is thriving, concessions sales are skyrocketing, and SNY and MetsBlog are enjoying record earnings.

Well how about a little something for the fucking fans? How about a little chump change for the loyalists whose emotions and pockets you’ve sucked dry over these last eight years? Is a mere pittance of $2-3 million dollars, too fucking much to ask?

Why do you insist on torturing us the way you do when all we want to do is love the team and root for them to win a championship?

You run this team like a couple of leeches sucking the orange and blue blood out of us. A couple of pariahs… Everything is a money-grab…

How can we talk about a long run of sustained success with a couple of louses like you running this team? You are the antithesis of success when it comes to running this team. You are the cross all Met fans have to bear…

If you really cared about the Mets, you’d sell the team to better stewards and then just disappear. Don’t you get that’s how most fans feel about you? Well, at least the ones who aren’t on your payroll. Just leave…


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