Have The Mets Been A Victim Of Bad Luck?

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Brian Costa of the Wall Street Journal argues that injuries aren’t an excuse for the team’s performance this season. While the Mets have suffered an immense amount of injuries to key players, Costa explains that it doesn’t all come down to misfortune or bad luck.

“The notion is as convenient as it is misleading. The next team behind the Mets on the DL days leaderboard: the Los Angeles Dodgers, with 802, a first-place team with a strong chance of making the postseason. In terms of trips to the DL, the Mets rank fifth in the majors with 16. The team just ahead of them: the Washington Nationals, with 17, a first-place team with a strong chance of making the postseason.”

“Every year, there are teams who suffer injuries that exceed the league average and surpass their expectations. Some of those injuries sideline star players. The best organizations have the talent, depth and will to overcome them. The Mets are not one of these.”

Another strong example of a team overcoming injuries is the St, Louis Cardinals, who have the best record in the league. They lost their ace pitcher Adam Wainwright in addition to players like Matt Holliday, Matt Adams and Jon Jay.

As Costa mentions in his article, the main issue points to the front office and ownership. They have not surrounded the team with enough quality depth to overcome these losses like the Dodgers, Nationals and Cardinals have been able to do.

One example that speaks volumes is team’s inability to find a competent replacement for Wright. With his absence, Mets’ third basemen are hitting just .246 with four home runs. Their combined OPS of .676 ranks last in the National League.

In a year that the team set such high expectations for themselves, injuries and misfortune shouldn’t be used as excuses. Sandy Alderson and the Wilpons need to take full responsibility if the team fails to reach its desired goals.

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