Mets Not Just Talking Big, They’re Winning Big


If there’s anything I’ve learned from speaking with broadcasters from every single MLB team, it’s the difference between pitcher friendly and hitter friendly.

The National League East is home to not only 2 of the 3 pitcher friendliest parks but arguably the hitter friendliest as well. Citi Field and Citizens Bank Park are polar opposites when it comes to a hitter’s dream/nightmare.

Over the weekend, the Mets made it out of Citizens Bank Park with not only a series win (2-1) but also not having allowed more than 4 runs in any of the games.

Luckily, those four earned runs off Bartolo Colon were supported by seven courtesy of Mets hitters.

Now onto Chicago and the wind ambivalent Wrigley Field. I’m willing to bet – if the wind is blowing in these next few days – the games will be won on the base paths and from the mound and not from the long ball.

If the wind is blowing out, then beware of Kris Bryant and pitch him away. No need to make a phenom more phenomenal.

Perhaps Jacob deGrom can match Jon Lester a few innings, and, with a little base running and placement hitting, surpass him. I know it’s vague – not to mention cliche – but it’s possible this series will come down to the bullpens.

The 20-11 Mets are riding high and full of confidence. On Sunday, manager Terry Collins stated the obvious; these Mets are no longer talking a big game, they’re on the field and doing it.

“We got off to a big start and that was what we really needed to do to show everybody, ‘Listen, we’re not just talking, we can play the game right.'”

With one test over, another one begins tonight in Chicago. Let’s see if we can wear out our welcome in yet another home.