Citi Can’t Hold ‘Em All

Giancarlo, Stanton

When I spoke with hall of fame broadcaster for the Miami Marlins, Dave Van Horne, he commented, “Some of the more exceptional hitters like the Marlins own Giancarlo Stanton can make any park look small.”

Mr. Van Horne was referencing his team’s home of Marlins Park, which, by MLB’s standards, is as pitcher friendly as they come; even more so than Citi Field.

Still, the Mets’ opponent these past couple of days manages to, as Mr. Van Horne implies, make Citi Field look small as well.

It’s like the scene in the previews for the film “Major League” that never made it into the film but was scrapped for the sequel. (Jake Taylor, played by Tom Berenger, says)  “That ball wouldn’t have made it out of ALL parks.” (Ricky Vaughn, played by Charlie Sheen, replies) “Name one.” (Taylor responds) “Yellowstone.”

Giancarlo Stanton has been credited in some circles as having the most natural home run swing in all of baseball. Luckily, we only have one more day against him….for now.

Hopefully “Old, reliable” Colon can right this ship and avoid a home sweep against the tenants two floors down in the National League East before making that swing for the west coast.

I know one thing. That warm California air and ocean breeze won’t feel as soothing if it’s taken in with broom bristle marks dusting the backs of our Mets’ uniforms.