Mets 8-3 Start Historically Leads to Good Results

Flores Lagares Campbell

The Mets beat the Marlins again on Friday night by a score of 4-1 to start the season 8-3.

They’ve now won six straight games for the first time since April 21-27, 2011, and they currently have the longest winning streak in the Major Leagues.

While it’s still early in the season, Mark Simon of ESPN New York points out that historically, especially in recent years, starting out with an 8-3 record led to some impressive oveerall seasons most of the time.

From 2010 to 2014, 18 teams have started out 8-3 and of those 18 teams…

  • Only 3 of them finished under .500.
  • 4 of them finished with between 82 and 89 wins.
  • 11 of them won at least 90 games.

The 2015 Mets in their franchise history are the sixth Mets team to start out 8-3 or better. Five of those Mets teams finished at least 10 games over .500, three of them won division titles (1986, 1988, 2006), and one of them won 98 games in 1985.

So for the Mets, history has been good to them when they actually start out 8-3. The 2015 Mets hope that history repeats itself.

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