5 Things We Learned From Sandy Alderson


Sandy Alderson was a guest on MLB Network’s High Heat hosted by Chris Russo on Monday, and said a few things worth mentioning.

1. Wilmer Flores: “Speaking of shortstop, there’s been a lot of conversation about whether or not Wilmer Flores can play the position. You know looking at Cal Ripken, he didn’t play shortstop professionally until he was promoted to the major leagues. And Ripken was not a prototypical shortstop either like a Mark Belanger, so maybe that’s a good sign for Wilmer Flores.”

2. Jacob deGrom: “Jason [Jacob] had a great year last year, I think unexpected, and we expect him to be just as good this season. But if you look at his minor league career, he really improved from year to year in spite of the promotions he was experiencing. He continues to evolve and I don’t see any reason why he can’t be as good or better.”

3. Matt Harvey: “As far as Matt is concerned, he is doing all the right things. He seems to be in very good shape and in a very good frame of mind. We’re very excited to have him back, it’s like adding a top quality pitcher to our rotation this year.”

4. Starting Rotation: “Right now we feel very good about the fact that we’re eight or nine deep going into the season and always need extra starting pitching. Things will probably work themselves out in spring training. Hopefully we don’t have an injury, but we do have some flexibility in the pen so if somebody has to move to the pen for a period of time, that would be acceptable to us. Again, having the depth at Double-A, Triple-A will be something that not only will give us some comfort this year but also allows us to do some planning for 2016 and 2017.”

5. High Expectations: “We have quality players at every position. One of the reasons we’ve been fairly quiet is we’ve got players with the potential to improve us by 10 games, which is what we need. So we’re comfortable going into spring training and excited actually to see those players and see what kind of step forward they take, and whether that can translate into 10 or 12 more games for us in the win column.”

16 more days until pitchers and catchers! LGM

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