Mets Struggles Continue at Citi Field

Citi Field home run apple

In last nights win against the Nationals some very interesting stats came up during the game.

The first being that in the last 18 games, Travis d’Arnaud has only struck out five times with two of those strikeouts coming last night. It is hard to undersell how impressive a turnaround it has been for the Mets young catcher. He is starting to show the big league promise the Mets saw in him, when they traded away R.A Dickey to Toronto for him.

Beside d’Arnaud’s turn around, a stat I found alarming is that with last nights win, the Mets now have five wins in the last three years against the Nationals at Citi field. If your rubbing your eyes thinking that stat is a joke, I assure you it isn’t. The Mets are now 5-31 against their N.L East rival. That’s a winning percentage of .161, these numbers are huge concerns. They are the small factors that have compounded into the Mets futility over the last few seasons. Over the six seasons the Mets have played at Citi Field, they hold a losing record at home, winning only .477 percent of their games. In comparison over the 45 years they played at Shea they had a winning percentage of 52%.

Even though Citi Field is still in its infancy, the signs are troubling for the Mets and their fans. Any Met fan can tell you that the environment is just not the same, the stadium doesn’t hold the electricity that Shea had. A lot of that is due to the poor play on the field, but Mets fans have weathered worse teams than this and Shea was always the safe haven for the team.

Citi Field is a nice stadium and holds the trappings of many modern stadiums. Shake Shack and other in-stadium attractions serve as continuing distractions from baseball. They are fun for families and children but for the true blue and orange bleeding fans, they take the emotion out of the stadium. With more and more fans standing in line for a burger than cheering on the team, the home field atmosphere gets eliminated. It is hard to stay and root for a team that isn’t producing, but its time to bring a loud, boisterous, overwhelming fans back to Citi Field and retake the stadium.

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