Goodbye and Good Luck, Kevin Burkhardt

kevin burkhardt

“Journey,” is how Kevin Burkhardt described his time with SNY and the Mets. It certainly has been a journey for Burkhardt, who 10 years ago made his primary living as a car salesman in New Jersey. However, once SNY entered the picture, everything changed. High quality reporting as the color man on TV broadcasts and a little faith from the network have caused Burkhardt’s career to take off.  Now as a part of Fox Sports’ number two NFL broadcast team, Burkhardt has spent recent weeks preparing for football games by day and working Mets games by night. (He admits that he’s “sleeping no more than 4 hours a night.)

Moving to Fox full time has let the stark reality set in. Come this offseason, Kevin Burkhardt won’t be anchoring Mets Hot Stove, but instead the NFL game of the week on Fox. (Weird, right?)

kevinburkhardt2However, despite moving on in his career, Burkhardt still remains loyal to his roots in New York. He is incredibly thankful to SNY for the experiences he’s had. From Johan Santana’s no-hitter, which he refers to as “something he’ll never forget as long as he lives” to “just being around the ballpark everyday and watching baseball.” He definitely realizes the profound effect SNY has had on him. The network has helped him become a better broadcaster by giving him valuable TV experience and the opportunity to learn from the SNY booth from some of the game’s finest. Burkhardt is quick to sing the network’s praises.

This humble demeanor makes Burkhardt truly stand out. In a broadcasting industry that is known for egotistical talent, Burkhardt is very down to earth. He insists that becoming famous has not changed him.

“I would like to say I’ve been the same person for the past 40 years. I’ve always tried to treat people respectfully, even when I have a bad day, and I think I do. Hopefully, I haven’t changed.”

For the past eight years, Burkhardt has been one of us. He’s a fan like us, and he clearly wants the team to succeed as much as we do.  He is genuine and relatable, he never hesitates to chat with fans or stop to take a photo with them.

“I think the biggest thing that I can say to you fans is thank you.”

Mets fans of the past decade will always hold a special place in their hearts for KB, and an emotional sendoff on the Shea Bridge last week affirmed just that.  I’ll admit it, I even got a little emotional just watching it. Burkhardt has always been classy and cool, and he will be missed

There is no doubting the profound effect Kevin Burkhardt has had on the Mets community.  He’s brought us closer to the team we love while becoming one of the more well liked figures in Mets history.  Here at MMO, we wish you all the best, Kevin, and please, get some sleep.


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