Di-JEST: Mets Float Opt-Out of All-Star Game Plan

721_-mlb_all-star_game-primary-2013Let’s face it fellow Mets fans, there was one brief moment this year when the team looked ‘not awful’ and almost promising. And that time came just a week and a half before the mid season classic, the annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

As usual the Mets landed one pity player on the team because – well you know – every team HAS to be represented.  And with David Wright being a shell of himself and Matt Harvey making all his headlines off the field there was just about no one else to tab for the honor.

Meanwhile we true blue baseball fans could watch the Home Run Derby on Monday (I for one have stopped bothering to watch that particular commercial-fest), the actual game on Tuesday, and then nothingness for the next couple of days.

The Mets came into the break looking sort of like a baseball team. They came out of it looking like the team they are, the Mets. It’s been a pure nosedive since then. Curtis Granderson has been hitting like Ruben Tejada since the AS Break and I think that says it all.

all star gameSo clearly this All-Star break is just not working out for the Metropolitans.

Willing at this point to try anything, the Mets have submitted a plan to Commissioner-elect Manfred asking permission to opt out of the All-Star game entirely in future years.

The proposal includes other teams opting out as well. The Monday of All-Star week, as well as the Wednesday and Thursday, would have these teams meet in a split 3 game series. Each team will forfeit the opportunity to send a player to the All Star Game, big whoop.

Meanwhile MLB network or ESPN can air any or all of these games so that the nation’s baseball fans will get to see some version of Major League baseball during the break. Given the conservative nature of baseball one would expect that the new commissioner will reject this proposal out of hand. But it’s worth a try.