A Somber Goodbye From Kevin Burkhardt

kevin burkhardt

Early Wednesday morning, SNY’s field reporter Kevin Burkhardt took to Twitter to thank Mets fans for an amazing journey as he prepares for his final SNY broadcast on September 25th. Here’s what he had to say:BxtrrFNIIAEOk2a

This is actually a really sad moment for a lot of Mets fans, including me. Since 2007, Burkhardt has been there as the voice of stories, happy and sad. He talked to real fans and for many, was the face of the SNY broadcasts. He was there during the pre-game and was the first guy players would speak to after a big win.

Burkhardt’s letter to fans was kind and gentle as was his demeanor on and off the field. On numerous occasions I watched as he talked to kids, signed autographs and talked shop as he mentioned in the Tweet.

Back in December, Howard Megdal (Capital) did an incredible article about FOX “poaching” Burkhardt from SNY. In it, Fox Sports executive producer John Entz described the now veteran broadcaster and why they wanted him at FOX.

“First and foremost, I find Kevin to be a very likeable guy, both on the air, and off the air, frankly. And when you like the broadcaster who you listen to, it makes all the difference in the world. He’s not talking down to you. He’s talking to you as a friend.”

Truer words have never been said. What made Burkhardt so great is that while he was tracking down big stories and talking to players parents, he spoke like he was one of the guys. He was your friend and you trusted his tone as much as you trusted his judgement.

From the entire team at MetsMerized and from me, a lifelong Mets fan through the good and the bad, you will always be our boy KB and good luck at FOX. We’ll be watching.

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