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Bartolo Colon will once again make a bid to win his 200th major league game tonight against the Phillies. While that might seem like the biggest news regarding the veteran right hander, there is another item hanging over Colon. The Mets and Sandy Alderson have not yet put him on waivers.

While Colon has been a great pitcher for the Mets this year, leading an otherwise very young pitching staff, it seems as if his 4.12 ERA and a 10-9 record might serve a playoff team better than the Mets. If and when Colon is put on waivers, a team can claim him and then the Mets will have a decision to make. They can either work out a trade with that team, release him to that team or pull him back, ensuring that he stays with the Mets through the end of the season.

Another interesting note is that according to ESPN’s Jayson Stark, Curtis Granderson has been put on waivers. This is likely a move to give Alderson emergency flexibility should a trade surface. If a team were to claim Granderson, the Mets could decide to release him and his $60 million contract, although that would be a very rough move to explain to the fans. I doubt Alderson is that out of touch.

I would expect to see Colon on waivers in the next few days. Colon does not serve a longterm need for the Mets and if they can bring back either a major league ready piece or another big prospect, like they did for Marlon Byrd, it could pay dividends down the line.

Thoughts from Joe D.

This is not surprising to me at all. As I said, I never believed the Mets were simply going to let Colon go to anyone who would take his salary. I don’t know why everyone was running with that story which I initially called preposterous.

Sandy Alderson would never simply just give the guy away. As I’ve said repeatedly, it would reflect negatively on him as he did quite the sell job on the fan base after signing him and trying to justify that second guaranteed year.

Simply giving him away would also fan the flames that the Mets are STILL in financial distress, something they’ve been trying hard to extinguish.

I’m pretty certain Colon gets moved in the offseason which should be easier to do especially if he finishes the season off healthy and effective. Is it a risk? Of course it is, but Sandy knew that when he gambled on that second year – something no other team in the major leagues was willing to do.

As for Granderson, it’s a no-brainer. he has $47 million coming to him over the next three seasons. The Mets are getting some feelers to see what teams could be interested. But like Colon, he’s not going anywhere now. Granderson, Colon and Chris Young are Sandy’s first three big signature MLB additions – spending almost $90 million for all three. With CY already a bust, he’s not going to toss the towel so easily on the other two.

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