Red Sox and Rusney Castillo Agree To $72 Million Deal

Cuban Rusney Castillo arrives safely in

Ken Rosenthal of FOX reporting that Cuban free agent Rusney Castillo has agreed to sign with the Boston Red Sox for a record six-year, $72 million dollar contract.

Congratulations to the Red Sox who by all accounts have gotten themselves a very high-impact player who seems to have chosen a park perfectly suited for his skill set.

The Mets were just bystanders on this one so nobody expected them to swoop in and grab him despite needing help in the corner outfield and shortstop position, both of which Castillo plays.

General manager Sandy Alderson indicated to Mike Puma of the New York Post, that the money it will take to sign Castillo is not the issue.

“I think it’s a matter of there might be some scouting differences of opinion, and kind of where we are and what we’re going to do in the immediate future, so there are lots of issues involved,” Alderson said.

Alderson said basically the same thing about previous Cuban free agents, casting doubt on the majority of glowing scouting reports.

I believe it’s just his way of deflecting from the real issue which is that the Mets don’t have the financial wherewithal to invest in any of these amazing talents that are making their way from Cuba to the major leagues.

August 18

George A. King of the New York Post reports that after speaking to major league teams who are interested in signing free agent outfielder Rusney Castillo, most teams believe that the Philadelphia Phillies are the favorites to land the Cuban phenom.

King says that it’s not unanimous, but it clearly shows a shift in momentum that had previously been with the New York Yankees.

Castillo is now narrowing down his offers, and while there’s no timetable for him to choose his team, a final decision could come soon. Sources have told King that the contractual guarantee will likely fall in the $40-55 million dollar range.

I’d still be very surprised if Castillo lands anywhere besides the Bronx, but after hearing Ruben Amaro Jr. speak last week, he clearly expressed a need for a young offensive bat for his outfield, and Castillo certainly sounds like he could fill that need.

The Mets have shown no interest in Castillo, other than a token appearance at his first public showcase.

The gifted 26 year old athlete is often compared to Ron Gant who finished his 16 year career with a .803 OPS and averaged about 30 homers, 20 stolen bases, 100 runs and 90 RBI per 162 games.

The Red Sox, Mariners, Tigers, Marlins, Astros, Yankees, Angels and Phillies are among the teams that are expected to be in the hunt for the young phenom’s services.

The Mets did attend the initial showcase, but never showed any real interest in Castillo – a sign that the team is still not ready to engage other teams in a bidding war – even one which won’t exceed $60 million according to most experts.

I thought this was cool comment by Long Suffering Fan who wrote:

I know this is a pipe dream, but…


1. He is only 26, so unlike the other free agents, Castillo will still be relatively young in year five or six of his contract.

2. He is not going to cost the Mets a first or second round draft pick, because he’s not coming off another team’s roster.

3. He can hit the cover off the ball, unlike any current Met, current prospect, or the current free agent class, and boy do we need a consistent hitter in the middle of the lineup..

4. He will permanently resolve our remaining corner outfield issue, leaving captain Kirk and MDD to fill out a strong outfield bench.

5. He will not cost quite as much as a free-agent veteran, because he brings no major league experience.

6. He won’t cost us any of our best prospects, best pitchers, or and player for that matter. We can continue to nurture our minor league talent that will be the future foundation of this team.

7. With Chris Young gone and possibly a Colon salary dump, the Mets can sign Castillo for around $10-$12 million a year and still have plenty left over for other Free Agents.

8. Wilpon has claimed that, with the Madoff mess cleared up, he is going to let Sandy Alderson spend some money. Here’s the chance to prove it.

9. It would really suck if the Yankees, Cubs, or Phillies sign Castillo, and he hits .300 with 20 HR and 90 RBI next season.

10. We’re not going to find another corner OF who can hit like him, so you might as well spend the money and make this team a winner.

11. There are no guarantees that anybody will succeed in New York (we’ve seen all the mistakes) so you might as well sign the guy with the highest ceiling AND who will cost the least.

12. Everything else that the Met’s have tried (for the past 10 years) has failed, so why not go out and try signing one of these Cuban stars? I hereby nominate Rusney Castillo as the Mets Opening Day left fielder in 2015.

Nice job… Another great nugget from the MMO community…

Unfortunately, the Mets are still in dire straits and they don’t have the gumption or the money to swing a deal like this. They’ll be on the sidelines just as they were for the last 4-5 Cuban signings while the big boys fight this one out.

mmo presented

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