MMO Players of the Week: Murphy, Granderson, Colon, Oh My!

It’s been one of those wacky high and low weeks for the Mets yet again, showing that while the future looks bright, the present is rather bleak. It always seems as if each factor– offense, defense and pitching– seem to work independently. One day the offense will explode… but the defense will falter. The next day the defense is spectacular, but the pitching almost blows it. It’s a vicious cycle that the Mets cannot seem to break out of yet. Unfortunately for us, the Mets showcased this uneven system to us in full force, shrouding some spectacular standout performances with, as Keith Hernandez puts it, bad fundies. However, you cannot be a Mets fan without looking for every possible speck of good, even in the bad times. On that note, I present the MMO Players of the Week!

daniel murphy


After a slow start coming out of the gate after the All-Star Break, our lone representative reminded us why he was chosen in the first place. Daniel Murphy recorded AT LEAST one hit and one RBI in every game, except for the 11-inning win on Saturday. He still stands as the only everyday starter with an average above .300 (.303). With a whopping 8 RBI and 13 hits in 32 at-bats throughout the week, Murph is not only showcasing why he is the best hitter on the team, but is also building a strong case as to why he should be extended in the offseason. His defense vastly improved, his offensive game presently better than even a seven-time All-Star, Murphy could be a very important asset to the team’s success in the near future. However, a popular debate that has been going on for years has more fuel to it than ever: reap the highest benefit you can after a career year and trade him, or use his productivity to help solidify a contending team and extend him?

curtis granderson


Whether he was helping a pal earn his 200th career win or just making your run-of-the-mill impressive catch, Curtis Granderson was flashing the leather all week, reminding us that he can be a force with his glove as well as his bat. While some of these catches came during eventual Met losses, the most notable one of the week was on Friday’s nail biter in Philly, when Granderson made a sliding catch in the 9th with second and third, no outs to prevent the runs from scoring and secure career win number 200 for fan favorite Bartolo Colón. Speaking of which…

bartolo colon


The guy who has the internet buzzing with every at bat, the man with the helmet that probably needs a chin strap, your friend and ours, Bartolo Colon is finally a member of the 200-win club. Keeping his hot streak up (on the mound, that is), Colon went eight strong innings allowing only one run on six hits while fanning six. As always, Colon’s fastball was masterfully controlled and expertly placed, occasionally mixing in the offspeed pitch to generate the swing and miss when needed. Colon has been showcasing his craft at his best lately, whether bidding for a perfect game or a career milestone. We may not be seeing him for very much longer in a Met uniform, but we can enjoy his outings while we can– and his plate appearances.


Grab some refreshments, because this is gonna be a long one: Juan Lagares put on his own show this week, smacking doubles, triples and making his fair share of spectacular plays: nailing Gregor Blanco at the plate on Monday and making a great diving catch on Tuesday that knocked the wind out of him. Lucas Duda and Travis d’Arnaud generated their own offense, hitting back-to-back jacks on Sunday in a game where the offense shined bright. Duda has been piecing together some high quality at bats, showing an aggressive side while also being able to work a count. d’Arnaud’s bat only continues to get better, proving that he can flourish to be the player he was scouted to be. Kirk Nieuwenhuis threw himself a birthday party in center field on Thursday, making two spectacular diving catches that were run saving and loomed large in a tie game that the Mets would eventually give away. Josh Edgin has really improved since last year, striking out five and giving up no runs in his appearances this week. Strong offense… star defense… stellar pitching… why can’t they ever work in harmony?!

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