Good Riddance, Bud…

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As you no doubt have heard by now, it’s official, Rob Manfred was elected baseball’s 10th commissioner on Thursday, and the Bud Selig era has come to a merciful end.

I say merciful because Met fans have had to endure Selig’s endless manipulations to ensure that the Wilpons remained entrenched as owners of the Mets, often turning a blind eye to any wrong-doings that would have had any other owners suspended and forced to sell their franchises.

Selig’s lifelong friendship with Fred Wilpon gave the Mets owner a friend in high places who would often use the power of his office to circumvent long-held rules and overlook several league violations, all so that he could keep his ally as the owner of a once-proud New York franchise. An unforgivable act in my estimation.

I don’t care what Selig brought to this game because to me he showed no regard for the best interest of National League baseball in New York or for a beleaguered fan base that was forced to endure far too much.

I don’t expect much to change with Manfred at the helm. He has worked in lock step with Selig for many years dating back to 1998. Heavily endorsed by Selig, Manfred will be in keeping with many of the former commissioner’s philosophies and previous doings.

“I am tremendously honored by the confidence that the owners showed in me today,” Manfred said yesterday. “I have very big shoes to fill.”

Not really Mr. Manfred, I believe Selig was only a size 8.

If you came to MMO looking for a post with accolades for the outgoing commissioner, you came to the wrong place. Sorry, Mr. Selig, but nobody here will be saddened to see you go. What saddens us is that you stepped down ten years too late, and that you didn’t take Fred and Jeff with you.

By the way, check out this video featuring Keith Olbermann who satires being named the new commissioner of baseball.

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