Di-JEST: Mets To Expand Use Of Rally Towels

mets win towels

Let’s face it. If we make a list of things that have worked for the Mets in 2014 it would be a short one:

#1  Jacob deGrom – Both with his arm and his bat

#2  Lucas Duda – Who’d a thunk the Mets would choose the right keeper between him and Ike?

#3 Rally towels

On those rare occasions when the Mets string together some hits, and even some runs, the players enthusiastically wave white towels.

The players really get into their new ritual and truth be told, when I am watching the game on TV with my lovely bride of 43 years and the Mets do something towel-worthy she grabs the nearest thing and starts to wave it.

Usually that’s a partially used tissue and, to tell you the truth, the effect is not quite as scintillating as a full-sized towel, but what-the-heck.

So this towel waving thing is fun and takes ones mind off of the continual losing at least for the moment. Therefore since some towel waving is uplifting we need more of it.

Here are some new things that the Mets plan to wave their rally towels over.

  • Whenever David Wright is up with less than two outs and a runner on first and he DOESN’T hit into a doubleplay…. Wave those towels.
  • If an opposing player steals second but Travis d’Arnaud’s throw doesn’t reach Juan Lagares in CF then towel it.
  • Ruben Tejada reaches the warning track on a flyball. Go for it… (I know he hit a homer the other day, but he only does that on days when the Mets turn a triple play).
  • Daniel Murphy is on second with those “happy feet” that we’ve seen so often where he is readying to try to steal third and he doesn’t go. Towel waving time.
  • Bartolo Colon at the plate and he makes any contact with the ball. Big time waving time. And if he gets a hit then it’s time for the ice bucket or Gatorade shower.
  • Wilmer Flores legs out an infield hit then wave those towels and someone needs to go out to first base to towel Wilmer off.
  • Curtis Granderson reaches the cutoff man on the fly. Well, you get the idea.
  • Finally, if Dan Warthen goes to the mound with some pitching insight and the pitcher actually gets the next batter out then give coach Dan the towel treatment.

With all this extra towel waving I may have to buy my wife a few extra boxes of tissues.

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