A Stretch, But Relevant Mets Goal

juan lagares

After losing 3 of 4 to the Giants over the weekend, it seems the recent hopes of climbing back into the pennant race had finally faded to black. After an 8-2 run to head into the All Star break, the Mets have been basically treading water since. Even with last night’s 6-1 win over the first place Nationals, the team remains 5 games under .500 and 7 games out of the division lead. Some fans have resigned themselves to looking to get to .500 as the team goal for the 2014 season. Some still look at the remaining games with the Nationals and our pitching strength as reasons we can still make a late season run.

All this brings me to clarifying what I would like to see from our 2014 Mets at this point. Something we have never seen. A pennant race atmosphere at Citi Field.

As we know, the Mets still have 12 games left with the first place Nationals. Five of those games will take place in the next nine days. But beginning Thursday September 11, the Mets will host Washington for a 4-game series at Citi Field, and then make one last trip to DC during the last week of the season. My hope for the 2014 Mets is to make that four game series in Flushing mean something. For that to happen, they have to get to within four games of the lead over the next month. It would be great for our younger players, especially the pitchers, to see how a pennant race in New York feels. And it would be almost as important for a downtrodden fan base as we look toward presumably better years ahead.

This also means making up three games in the standings over the next month. The next five games against the Nats is a great place to start. It also leaves no room for error. No more opportunities to lose 3 out of 4, regardless of the opponent. I don’t remember 1973 to see how that Mets team made a big run at the end of the season. But I remember all too well the 2007 Mets. To me, making the playoffs in 2014 is not relevant. But being part of the conversation is. I can’t wait to see the excitement of Citi Field in an important September matchup. Here’s to hoping I see it this year. That is my Mets goal.

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