MMO Mailbag: Will Dilson Herrera Get Called Up This Season?


VolvosNRodeos asks:

What’s the chance we see Dilson Herrera called up to the big leagues before the end of the season? Originally, I was fine with him possibly coming up next season, but the way he’s torn through PSL & Binghamton this season is making him hard to keep down. Keep in mind, the Mets wanted a SS to supplant Ruben Tejada, and with Herrera getting the reps at SS, it makes the most sense to go in house.

Teddy replies:

Hi, thanks for your question. I do believe that Dilson Herrera could be ready for the big leagues, bat-wise, as he has done excellently through two leagues batting .319/.373/.444 with 25 doubles and 6 home runs in 94 games. He’s moving quickly offensively and currently he’s almost five years younger than the league average in the Double-A Eastern League.

The Mets, yes, want a shortstop who will supplant Ruben Tejada, but, I don’t think Herrera will be that player until after next year, and I’m honestly unsure whether or not Herrera will be the shortstop in general due to his lack of experience at the position.

Dilson Herrera was signed as third baseman in 2010, and transitioned from third base to second base because his arm wasn’t strong enough to throw across the diamond. He has done well to field the position, and has the speed to cover a lot of ground, making him able, range-wise, to cover shortstop as well. As a fielder, he has good hands, but a without an above-average arm, he cannot throw quickly across the diamond.

However, the Mets decided to give Herrera some time at shortstop this year, fielding the position for about one-third of his games. He has shared time with other shortstop prospects such as Philip Evans and T.J. Rivera, and he has shown improvement.

An official said recently about Herrera, “He’s made a lot of progress. He is a good athlete and astute learner. At the very least, this gives him some versatility as he moves up. We know he can play a good second base. He’ll continue to get the exposure at shortstop and it should increase the opportunities available to him as he goes forward.”

The statement still sounds as if Herrera is still a second baseman going forward. He’s played only 27 out of 325 career games at shortstop, and never played one professional game there until this season. While being at Double-A and learning SS isn’t the best combination, the good news is that Dilson Herrera is only 20, so he has a lot of time to develop his skills at the position.

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