Where Is The Accountability?

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Sandy Alderson gave his manager Terry Collins yet another vote of confidence on Tuesday, despite the team being on course for their sixth losing season in a row.

The Mets are currently on pace for a 73 win season – or in other words the lowest win total since 2009 and before that 2004.

Here is Sandy Alderson telling everyone that Collins is safe when in fact nobody should be safe under these circumstances and while the team is floundering in the season that was supposed to be transformative and relevant. Are these guys kidding me?

The only reason some are still holding out hope for the Mets this season, is because it happens to be a year where nobody in the NL has really ran away with it yet. And while the Mets may only be 5-6 games back out of a wild card, they have to outperform and leapfrog 8-9 other teams to get there and at the same time hope all those other teams start tanking.

To put that into perspective, the Mets had better odds of making the postseason when they decided to trade team MVP Carlos Beltran in 2011. Remember what the front office and most fans were saying back then? “We weren’t going anywhere anyway.”

Guess what? We’re still not going anywhere – unless you call moving in reverse going places.

Four years under Collins and Alderson and forget the notion of not producing one winning season, how about a .500 season? How about a few more wins each season instead of fewer and fewer? Is that asking too much?

In the history of the Mets, most managers and general managers have never gotten this much rope in terms of losing seasons than the current undynamic duo.

You have the team pulling out all the stops to try and get fans to come to Cit Field ranging from giving away free tickets, free merchandise, free food, daily promotions, anything to get you to bite.

They’ve recently hired in an army of new accountants, marketing and public relations executives, to try and figure out how to draw fans and get into your good graces using every trick in the book except for the one marketing strategy that always works – producing a winning product. Ah, but that costs money. Money the team doesn’t have or is unwilling to spend.

Sandy has the gall to keep getting in front of a Wilpon-owned SNY camera crew virtually every homestand to tell us Terry is safe and is doing a great job? Where is his outrage? Where is the accountability?

For two months straight this man was singing the praises of the 90-win team he constructed. It was apparently an unintentional leak meant only for team brass. But who still believes that it was unintentional when for nearly eight weeks straight Sandy kept bringing it up again and again and again and again?

This season was supposed to be Sandy’s coming out party. He had $50 million to spend and finally bolster the offense and he decided to parlay a huge portion of it on free agents Curtis Granderson and Chris Young

The Mets lead the majors in blowing one-run leads (21) and worse yet blowing two-run leads (11).

And now he tells Terry not to worry?

The truth is that both of them should be worried.

Where is the accountability?

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