Travis d’Arnaud Continues His Assault On The PCL

travis d'arnaud

Travis d’Arnaud certainly does not seem to be taking his demotion very lightly at all. When he received the not so pleasurable news of his recent demotion, his response was “I’ve just got work to do”.

And work is exactly what he’s done since the day he was sent down. d’Arnaud went 1 for 1 in his first game on June 9th and has not looked back as he attempts to blaze his trail back to the majors at full force. He went 2 for 4 the next day but it was on June 11th when he really started to catch fire.

He homered not once, but twice in the contest, registering a 3 for 5 night with three RBI’s in the process. Fast-forward two days later to June 13th, and he homered again with another multi-hit game.

He wouldn’t stop there, though, as he went on to do the exact same thing the next two nights, notching another two homers and another two multi hit games on his belt.

Overall, Travis is slashing .394/.459/.909 since his demotion.

Unfortunately, he is not getting paid to put up gaudy numbers in Las Vegas. TDA looked lost during his brief cup of coffee in the majors and when he gets his second opportunity, it’s in his best interest to capitalize on it. The Mets could certainly use his bat.