Recker or Teagarden?

anthony recker

With the return of Travis d’Arnaud to the Mets so close we can smell it, which one of Anthony Recker or Taylor Teagarden is sent packing back to Triple-A?

Kristie Ackert of the Daily News, examines the move the Mets are going to have to make very soon.  All signs point to Recker being the odd man out when the move is made.

Terry Collins stated that he thinks that Teagarden is a good catcher.  “He doesn’t have a lot of at-bats to his name.  He’s a major league catcher.  One thing he can do is catch and throw and that’s two shutouts he’s caught here in the last three days” Collins went on to say.  He’s talking about Zack Wheeler‘s complete game effort on Friday, and Jacob deGrom‘s first win on Saturday.

Neither Recker or Teagarden are really offensive juggernauts this season, with the former batting .202 and the latter .143.

There are several questions looming for the Mets in the next couple of days with this being one of them.  It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, and interesting to see how d’Arnaud does in his return to the big leagues.

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