Keith Law: Mets Drafted Their New No. 1 Prospect

conforto michael

ESPN‘s Keith Law took a look at five teams who now have a new number one prospect in their organization thanks to last weeks MLB Draft.

Amongst those teams was our New York Mets.

According to Law, the Mets 10th overall selection of Oregon State outfielder Michael Conforto has already overtaken Noah Syndergaard as the Mets best prospect.

Syndergaard’s injuries aren’t a concern for his long-term outlook, but he’s a pitcher. Given the choice between a topflight pitching prospect like Syndergaard (also known as “Thor”) and a topflight hitting prospect like Conforto, I lean toward the latter for the simple reason of predictability.

Law, who is ESPN’s resident draft and prospect expert, goes on to talk about Conforto’s talents and speculates on how the Mets could handle their new prized possession.

Conforto could go right to high Class A or Double-A with his approach. If the Mets want to be aggressive, he could be an option for their major league outfield by the end of 2015.

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