It Was A Poorly Conceived Roster Right From The Start

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There is so much I want to say and write about this team right now, but I can only produce content in short bursts for now. One of our readers emailed me regarding the six-outfielder configuration the Mets are now choosing to employ.

Obviously, the Mets are desperate and this new tactic only shows a distrust on their part to give any one of their outfielders a regular everyday assignment. That’s more on Sandy Alderson than it is on Terry Collins.

Collins is intent on giving all six playing time because in his words, “they all deserve to play.” He believes all six are everyday players and his remedy is to just rotate them in and out of games like he’s playing a game of Strat-O-Matic.

What hurts the organization in the long run is that this does nothing to instill confidence in developing players like Juan Lagares who needs to play everyday to stay sharp and consistent and on his learning curve.

Additionally, most players want to know they have a defined set of roles and regular assignments. They do not want to drive to the ballpark everyday wondering if and where they will play, game in and game out.

I haven’t even touched on what this means as to the shortage of infielders on the bench, which was prominently on display with David Wright on the sidelines.

The team is handcuffed in that it can’t even pinch-hit or double switch for the team’s weakest hitter, shortstop Ruben Tejada.

It’s hard to fathom that out of all our players, Tejada is the only one virtually assured of everyday playing time. He’s a lock to be in the lineup. Who would have ever thought that back in April?

This isn’t a plea to bring back Wilmer Flores who should be in Las Vegas if the 22-year old can’t get regular playing time in the majors.

This is more about pointing out how ill-conceived the makeup of this roster is, with too many spare and oddball parts, and square pegs being squeezed into round holes.

It’s astonishing that as we wrap up four years of this regime, we have many of the same inherent weaknesses as we did when this rodeo started.

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