Complete 2014 MLB Draft Update and Review

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So, as you all know, the MLB Draft was held this past weekend and I was glued to all the developments. (At the poor expense of my girlfriend) But it was a lot of fun nonetheless. Most of you probably read the scouting reports I posted throughout the draft, but I want to go pick-by-pick and share my thoughts about each. I will go down the line and also provide and signing info, and where they will go if signed:

Round 1: OF Michael Conforto, College, Jr

In over 60 mocks I canvassed, he was chosen 17 times. But to his scouting report: People who believe he’s going to be a Duda-type aren’t right. When it comes to LF, he’s fringy, he isn’t dreadful. For his bat, it’s safe to move. It doesn’t have to adjust to the Mets’ system, so we don’t have to wait very long to see him up here. You’re looking at a future .270-.280 hitter with 20-25 homers. I see 2 years tops if he excels.

Like? Not really, don’t hate it, don’t like it either, saw it coming though.
Signing? Close to Deal According to Rubin
Destination? Brooklyn.

Round 3: SS Milton Ramos, HS

I knew about Ramos, he’s probably the best defensive shortstop in the draft and has plus speed and a good arm. His bat is the main question, which is why he dropped so much. If his bat becomes better, he has Alcides Escobar comparisons. His bat should play up, he has a bit of power with his quick swing, if they can get him some reps, and help him with his mechanics, as well as, obviously, play him, but he joins the line of good middle-infield prospects that the Mets are building in the lower minors.

Like? Yes, great Defense, High Ceiling.
Signing? Close to deal according to Rubin
Destination? Gulf Coast League
Round 4: 3B Eudor Garcia-Pacheco, Community College

This kids is a supreme hitter. Baseball America and others just say the kid can flat out hit. He will be a plus hitter, and a kid who will hit it far as well. For now, he’s going to play at third but his arm is fringy, and so is his running, so he’ll have to go to either Left or First Base in the future, but he’s someone you might want to keep tabs on, because he will probably put up some great numbers.

Like? Love
Signing? Not sure yet, something is up with his Twitter, doesn’t seem real.
Destination? Brooklyn or Kingsport

Round 5: RHP Josh Prevost

Tall (6’8”) from Seton Hall, seems like an interesting guy with a fastball from 90-94, a slider, and change, and great control. Will definitely be a fast mover.

Like? Could have used the pick better, but could be worse, for sure.
Signing? Has already signed apparently.
Destination? I’m feeling Savannah as the other arms move up, but likely Brooklyn.

Round 6: C Tyler Moore, College JR

I couldn’t find information, so I’m going off Paul DePodesta. He came through in the clutch a lot for LSU, and can hit pretty well. They definitely want him to stick at catcher, but I’ve heard he’s not good behind the dish. Hopefully that can change, another catching prospect is always welcome.

Like? Meh, good bat, maybe different position needed?
Signing? Yes, signed for $280K already.
Destination? Why am I feeling Brooklyn or Kingsport?

Round 7: LHP Brad Wieck College JR

I couldn’t find much, but his numbers are great, 118 K in 69 innings. DePo providing that he pitched up to 94 makes me think of Leathersich, except he’s nearly a foot taller at 6’9”. Knock is shaky control apparently.

Like? I’ll have to see more
Signing? Likely
Destination? Brooklyn or Kingsport

Round 8: 1B Dash Winningham, HS

Mets have been on him since last year. Has a ton of power. Our Senior Editor David Conde will have more soon on this guy, since he lives in his area.

Like? Yes
Signing? Signed, per his brother.
Destination? Gulf Coast League or Kingsport.

Round 9: OF/1B Michael Katz, College JR

Guy just raked in college. Mets listed him as an OF, which the MLB draft anchors were very confused about. He hits a ton of power though, hitting 14 homers to lead the league, but scouts are unsure about him and premium velocity.

Like? A little
Signing? I’d assume so.
Destination? You’re looking at your Brooklyn 1B or RF if Conforto is there.

Round 10: LHP Kelly Secrest, College Senior

Don’t know much on him, college senior, Lefty, reliever, had a 1.73 era this year with 38k in 36.1 IP. Fast moving reliever, maybe? Smallish Frame, very thin, 5’11” 90-92, hits 94. Lagging breakers.

Like? Could have used on something higher upside.
Signing? Is signing
Destination? Brooklyn

I’ll shorten it up now:

Rd 11: RHP Connor Buchmann, College Jr

Hasn’t pitched much in college due to injury, but has reached 98, that’s all I know.

Like? I’ll wait, but not optimistic.
Signing? Signed
Destination? Kingsport, because he doesn’t have much college experience.

Rd 12: RHP Alex Durham, HS

Has a nice projectable frame, free and easy delivery. 17 years old, so very young.

Like? Don’t know enough about him, that will change.
Signing? Changed his twitter to “New York Mets Baseball”
Destination? Gulf Coast League

Rd 13 RHP Eric Manoah

Eric Manoah is 87-92, velocity was down this spring, but flashes a plus curve.

Like? Eh
Signing? Signed
Destination? Assigned to Gulf Coast League

Rd 14: C Daryl Knight, College Jr

Has a ton of raw power, raw behind the plate. Hit .338 with 15 home runs this past season in 61 games.

Like? Yes, from a numbers standpoint
Signing? Signed
Destination? Kingsport

Rd 15: RHP Gabriel Llanes, HS

Very Young and raw, projectable, 88-91, makings of a slider.

Like? Would like to see what he becomes.
Signing? He tweeted yes
Destination? Gulf Coast League

Rd 16: LHP Joel Huertas, HS

88-91, no breaking ball, very raw, Interesting project

Like? Yes
Signing? Most likely, no college commitment
Destination? Gulf Coast League

Rd 17: LHP David Roseboom College Senior

Average Fastball, Plus Slider, Good Cutter

Like? Meh
Signing? Is going to sign
Destination? Brooklyn

Rd 18: OF Raphael Ramirez HS

Good swing, plus speed, not much power.

Like? Intriguing
Signing? No idea
Destination? Gulf Coast League

Rd 19: RHP Bryce Beeler, College JR

4.61 ERA 22 G, 21 relief, 27.1 IP, 34 K, Converted from RF/1B.

Like? eh
Signing? Signed
Destination? Kingsport

Round 20: RHP James Duff, College JR

Mets fan, 11 GS, 83.0 IP, 1.84 ERA, 62 K

Like? Don’t know
Signing? Yep
Destination? Brooklyn or Kingsport

Round 21: Luke Bonfield, OF, HS

Great hitter, could grow into power, committed to Arkansas.

Like? Yes
Signing? Unlikely
Destination? If Signed, Gulf Coast League or Kingsport

Round 22: William Fulmer, 2B, College Senior

Not related to Michael. .380 with 5 HR last season.

Like? Sounds intriguing.
Signing? Signed
Destination? Brooklyn or Kingsport

Round 23: RHP Richard Moesker, HS

88-90, from Curacao

Like? No idea
Signing? Possibly, Committed to Miami-Dade CC
Destination? Gulf Coast League

Round 24: RHP Tyler Badamo, College Senior

Fastball up to 94, Great slider, curve, change. New York Native

Like? Meh
Signing? Yes
Destination? Brooklyn

Round 25: RHP Nicco Blank, JR College

Short Pitcher (5’9”) Fastball has gone up to 95 started well in Central Arizona

Like? On the fence
Signing? Yes
Destination? Brooklyn or Kingsport

Round 26: C Tommy Pincin, HS

Okay hit tool, Good Power, Meh Defense, Backup Ceiling

Like? No
Signing? Unlikely
Destination? Gulf Coast League

Round 27: RHP Alex Palsha, College Senior

Reliever, 35 games, 1.60 era

Like? Not really
Signing? Yes
Destination? Brooklyn or Savannah

Round 28: RHP Keaton McKinney, HS

A plus fastball, lagging breakers, would take 7 figures to sign him, he says.

Like? Yes
Signing? No
Destination? Arkansas

Round 29: RHP Matt Blackham, College JR

I know nothing.

Like? No idea
Signing? Signed
Destination? Kingsport or Brooklyn

Round 30: Tucker Tharp, OF, College Senior

Looks like he has speed and power in his stats

Like? Yes
Signing? Indicated he has/will sign.
Destination? Kingsport

Round 31: LHP Kurtis Horne, HS

Projectable Lefty from Canada.

Like? Yes
Signing? No
Destination? Gulf Coast League if Signed

Round 32: RHP Chris Glover, HS

Very Strong, large pitcher (6’4” 225 lbs) has a decent splitter. Committed to McClennan College.

Like? Eh
Signing? Possible
Destination? Gulf Coast League

Round 33: RHP Brady Puckett, HS

Tall 6’8”.

Like? No idea
Signing? Tweeted no
Destination? Lipscomb

Round 34: C Jordan Hand, HS

Don’t have much information for where he’s committed, but he seems pretty talented, strong, and from his video, has a decent swing with power. He’s got speed as well.

Like? A lot
Signing? Would need a large bonus to pry him away from Cal State Fullerton.
Destination? No clue.

Round 35: RHP Jonathan Teaney, HS

Quick arm but not physical, 88-91, good feel for offspeed. Committed To San Diego.

Like? A little
Signing? Doubt it
Destination? Likely San Diego

Round 36: RHP Garett King, HS

I know nothing, but I don’t think he’s signing, we’ll see. If he does, likely Gulf Coast League.

Round 37: SS Tristan Gray, HS

Apparently has 5 tools, High Contact Rate, Committed to Rice.

Like? Yep
Signing? Unlikely
Destination? Gulf Coast League if signed

Round 38: RHP Kyle Dunster, HS

Like? No idea
Signing? Probably not, Committed to Boston College, though in twitter picture wearing Mets Uni
Destination? Likely Boston.

Round 39: CF Arnaldo Berrios, HS

Comes out of Beltran’s academy in Puerto Rico, has speed, and gap power, and a good swing.

Like? Yes, a lot
Signing? Yet to be seen, hope so
Destination? Kingsport, most likely.

Round 40: SS Dale Burdick, HS

Good athlete, hitter, runner. will perform well.

Like? Yes
Signing? Committed to Mississippi State, it’ll take a lot of money.
Destination: Mississippi State

My Take:

I love what we did here in the first 10 rounds, going after power. Conforto, Katz, and Garcia, are all going to hit for power, and we took the top bats off the board because we knew we’d get some good pitchers later. I like the lefthander Huerta, and think they can make something good out of him, as well as the large stream of tall righthanders (look for yourself).

They definitely drafted for upside in bats, while Arms, they brought in projectable, young arms. Some of the senior signs, and obvious picks that weren’t going to sign, I wasn’t a fan of, but the upside of some of these bats, is good.

Overall, pretty decent draft.  Please draw your own conclusions below.


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