Alderson: Harvey Not Likely To Pitch In 2014

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Mets ace Matt Harvey has made it no secret that he’d like to pitch in 2014. While the Mets have made it clear that they’d like their 25-year old right-hander to slow things down, and let their rehabilitation schedule dictate his return to the mound.

Just last week, after consulting with Dr. James Andrews, the Mets put a stop to Harvey’s scheduled throwing session.

Now comes the news, as reported by ESPN‘s Adam Rubin, that Mets GM Sandy Alderson is essentially ruling out a return to the mound for Harvey in 2014. Alderson told reporters that his ailing ace won’t pitch within 11 months of the surgery, leaving minimal opportunity for Harvey to get into real-game action. The Mets GM also added:

“I think he would like to have in the back of his mind that he threw once or twice and that everything went fine so that he goes into spring training with that kind of peace of mind,” Alderson said. “I think there are other ways that we can provide that kind of peace of mind, whether it’s in instructional league or some other setting. So that’s yet to be determined.”

Mets manager Terry Collins appears to be in the same corner as Alderson.

“… I’d love him to pitch this year, because I think it means we’re in the hunt. But I don’t find it drastically important, because the one thing we do not want to have is some type of major relapse because we came too fast and this guy sits out 2015. That ain’t happening.” said Collins

As for Harvey, clearly the competitor in him wants to get back as fast as possible, and he isn’t backing down from that mentality. However, he realizes his place in the decision-making hierarchy.

“My whole intention, of course, like I’ve said all along as a competitor, is always to look into the future and find a specific date of how early I can come back,” Harvey said. “They have a higher power. I can’t write myself in the lineup or say I’m ready to come back without being cleared by the organization and by doctors first.

“Obviously coming back in the middle of August, I don’t think that’s possible anymore.”

Harvey would also add that he was yet to hear from the organization as to why this decision was reached.

To read the rest of Rubin’s article, click here.

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