Welcome To The Future, Mets Fans

Future Citi
Future Citi

Meet the Mets, the 2014 Mets. However it does beg the question….who are these guys?

If you haven’t submerged yourself in the player world of the Mets’ minor league system, gotten a subscription to Baseball America and MILB TV for the last several years at least, then you are scratching your head at some of the names and faces that are now your 2014 New York Mets.

Jacob deGrom, Eric Campbell, Juan Centeno? Even Rafael Montero? The parade is getting started and there’s plenty more where they came from.

Of course we have already seen the beginnings after Matt Harvey was brought up two years ago. There are young Mets who have been striving to establish themselves in the bigs the last two seasons as well like Zack Wheeler, Travis d’Arnaud, Gonzalez Germen and Juan Lagares.

The next wave was at the beginning of 2014 with the additions of Jenrry Mejia and Jeurys Familia.

Now in mid-May the next phase has already been implemented: Wilmer Flores, Rafael Montero, and of course, today’s starter Jacob deGrom.

Who else will more than likely be following these neophytes in the next several months?

Noah SyndergaardWell of course all of Met Nation is holding it’s collective breath until Noah Syndergaard AKA Thor works out the last few kinks in his game under the star-filled sky of the Las Vegas desert.

The Vic Black and Jeff Walters rumors have swirled at times indicating they are about a ham sandwich away from Citi Field as well.

Who will follow them? There are still more talented players awaiting their turn. Guys who are at AA and AAA are just an injury away from a big league gig.

If the Mets need a middle infielder as the season wears on look for them to tab shortstop Wilfredo Tovar or second-baseman Daniel Muno.

If the services of a corner infielder is required there is Allan Dykstra and Zach Lutz.

Need an outfielder? How about Cesar Puello or Matt den Dekker?

It’s doubtful that they would promote anyone from AA straight to the Mets. But if there is one guy that might be able to handle it, it’s catching prospect Kevin Plawecki. Right now he’s crushing Eastern League pitching. One possible scenario for the young back-stop is: a mid-season promotion to AAA, a successful go-round in the PCL, followed by a September call-up to the big club. Although not extremely likely, it could happen that way.

Not many teams can bring up 15 to 16 rookies in one season who all have the chance at becoming a productive big-leaguer. But the Mets can, and they will. All the young players won’t make it, but some will and there is safety in numbers.

The worst thing a young player can do when he first gets to the big leagues is try and do too much. Like a wise baseball man once said, “You gotta dance with who brung ya!”

Fortunately for these young Mets they have a manager who understands this and knows how to send a simple message.

“I think it says a lot,” Collins said the other day. “We’ve been ridiculed at times about ‘Super 2s’ and other things going on. We’re worried about winning. And if that means we bring up a young player that people think we might bring up later in the summer to come up now to help? That should tell you that we’re trying to win. Those are the guys we think we can win with.

“I just told those two kids in the room: (Montero and de Grom) There’s a reason why you’re here — because you can play here. That’s why you’ve been chosen. So don’t think you’ve got to do anything more than what got you here.”

Couldn’t have put it any better myself. And in case you missed it…..the future is NOW.


Oh to be young and a Met.

Let’s Go Mets!

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