This Day In Mets Infamy: Random Thoughts From Yesterday’s Doubleheader

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Yesterday had all the trappings of being a great day at the ballpark at Citi Field. The sun was out warming the many fans that came to celebrate the recently reinstated Banner Day. Mets Rookie phenom, Rafael Montero was on the mound for the first game of a single admission doubleheader, and to boot it was Bartolo Colon poster day (albeit I had hoped the poster would show him in a string bikini looking all seductive in a Farrah Fawcett-esque pose – but that’s just me).

My Wife and I got to the game and headed directly to the Caesars Club for lunch. When we reached our seats in the sun drenched Pepsi Porch there was no sign that the Banner Day parade was about to start, and I found out later that it was held way before the gates were opened to the public.

Well this got my Irish up, I mean what is the point of  having a Banner Day in front of an empty Citi Field? How is this supposed to instill a sense of tradition in the newer generation of Mets fans – and with all this talk from their PR arm – Wouldn’t real Mets fans show up in the stands to watch Banner Day? In my opinion the Mets dropped the ball once again.

Here are some more random thoughts that I took away from yesterdays game one debacle.

I still feel that the Mets traded away their best first base option. Ike Davis would not have dropped that routine foul pop – Duda looked as though he was trying to spot clouds shaped like fuzzy bunnies while the ball plopped right in front of him.

Chris Young has no use on this team – unless there is a need for a feast or famine power hitter who doesn’t hit for average. He seemingly pops up on first pitch swings or is stranding a boatload of runners in scoring position. Oh and by the way his walk up music sucks also!!!

Yeah Stephen Drew might not be deserving of the 10 million dollar contract that he just signed with the Red Sox – but Ruben Tejada isn’t even worth the league minimum.

Murph, Murph, Murph – I understand that you have made great strides learning the second base position – but jeez that error that you committed in the eighth inning was just painful to watch!

Montero I think is going to become a stalwart of this rotation – that is if he can get any kind of run support from this anemic offense.

And lastly a message to Saul Katz….  PLEASE CONVINCE FRED TO SELL THE TEAM!!!!!

By the was I was on hand for a blogger event at Citi Field this past Thursday and I had the chance to participate in a group interview with both Dillon Gee and Travis d’Arnaud. To see the Dillon Gee interview click here and to check out d’Arnaud please click here – he reveals that he is a big New York Rangers fan!!!

And with that said…. HERE COMES THE INFAMY!!!!!

Mets alumni celebrating a birthday today includes:

Mets coach from ’82-’83, Jim Frey turns 83 (1931). The season after he left the Mets, Frey led the Chicago Cubs to the National League East pennant over his former team.

Other transactions of note include:

The New York Mets released utility man Bobby Pfeil on May 26, 1970.

The New York Mets signed free agent pitcher, Terry Leach on May 26, 1984. Leach was  quite possibly the most dependable pitcher during the ’87 campaign. He went 11-1 with a era of 3.32 for a Mets team that saw the bulk of it’s pitching staff on the disabled list that season.

The New York Mets traded spot starter/middle reliever, Geremi Gonzalez to the Milwaukee Brewers for minor league pitcher, Mike Adams on May 26, 2006.

The New York Mets purchased the contract of reserve infielder, Wilson Valdez from the Cleveland Indians on May 26, 2009.

Mo Vaughn bought 5 cases of hot dogs and buns, 10 cases of Bubba Burgers, 5 suitcases of Sam Adams, 20 2 liters of Diet Coke and at least 20 lbs of potato salad, coleslaw and chips for his Memorial Day Party.  If you attend you can’t have any of it, bring your own eats and beverages!!!