Is Inexperience to Blame for Inconsistency?

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So much is being said about all the roster moves the Mets have made over the last couple of weeks.  The lineups don’t always reflect them but there has been some movement there is no denying that.  The questions is are the Mets really all-in on this movement?  Are you?

Mike Vorkunov of the Star Ledger writes about how the inexperience of some of the players on the roster can lead to inconsistency.  He also goes on to say that on the current roster, 16 players have spent time in the minor leagues over the past year for one reason or another.  Some of the veteran players, like David Wright, feel that having to rely on the young inexperienced guys could be one of the reasons the team struggles.

“Probably some of it,” he said of the inconsistency. “Especially, up and down the team, we are young. It’s going to be a lot of these guys are learning on the job, where they’re still making adjustments and developing at the major league level. That’s asking a lot of some of these guys. They’re ready for it, but you have to understand there’s going to be some ups and downs through the process. So I think that’s a little part of it.”

Calling a player up too early can be devastating if they don’t enjoy early success. On the other hand it could be exactly what the player/team needs.  Sometimes the fans and media can put too much pressure on a prospect to come in and be a savior. We have all seen and done it. In the end it needs to be taken for what it is, which is a team that has players capable of winning now mixed with many younger guys that are playing for their lives.

“I enjoy it because it brings a lot of excitement and it brings a lot of energy to the table,” Wright said. “But at the same time there’s going to be some inconsistency and kind of a learning curve that comes along with that because we have pitchers, we have position players that are learning on the fly.”

The hope is that they put it all together, become one unit and create the right chemistry, that translates into winning baseball.

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