Francesa Rips Alderson, Says He’s Failed Miserably

sandy alderson

Mike Francesa had harsh criticism for Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins who he says have been “God awful” this season.

“Sandy walked into an easy gig for a GM. Everybody knew whatever GM came in would get a free pass running the Mets for their first two years. It was a no-brainer, rebuild and dump salary.”

“He’s made only two signature moves in four years. Two. That’s it. Trading Beltran for Wheeler. and moving the knuckleballer for D’Arnaud and Syndergaard, and guess what? Wheeler is still spinning his wheels, d’Arnaud has a concussion and has yet to show any sign he belongs at this level, and now Syndergaard may be hurt.”

“In four years the Mets have had one moment – Matt Harvey. And neither Terry Collins or Sandy Alderson had anything to do with that moment. Everything else has gone wrong.”

“How can you not build a bullpen in four years? Every single guy Sandy has brought in has been an abysmal failure. All of them. They all sucked. The only relievers they have that are any good are the kids. Especially that Mejia kid and I like Familia.”

“The Mets are drowning in a culture of losing and Sandy has done nothing to help that.”

“I thought Terry Collins was alright as a manger his first three years, but he has been very bad this season. The job is getting to him.”

“Sandy must be dying everytime Chris Young comes to the plate. He has to be. Especially with what Nelson Cruz is doing. That $7 million looks so bad right now.”

“The Mets lineup just by it’s nature is inferior. No matter what team you look at, their lineups are better than anything the Mets have.”

“That hitting approach. The idea that one size fits all is insane. Great hitters are not made they are born.”

“Sandy has failed miserably. He’s failed with the bullpen and he’s failed with the lineup. Has he been given a lot of money to spend, no. But he’s done a bad job with the moves he has made. They haven’t been good. He’s made bad decisions. They have not worked.”

“They don’t have a feel for their city or their fan base anymore, they’ve lost that completely. More than anything else, they don’t expect to be successful.”

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