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First off, thanks to MMO reader New York Mammoths for sharing his graphic with us.

When word came out that this “True New Yorker” campaign was hatched by a third party marketing firm, and that it wasn’t a genuine  – from the heart – plea for support from the players who signed the letter, my first thought was Fred and Jeff. There they go again…

Everything embarrassing, questionable or bad that has befallen this franchise over the last decade, always goes back to Mets ownership in my opinion. And this True New Yorker campaign is no different.

I don’t think the team yet realizes just how much mistrust there is between us and them. Between the fans and ownership.

Most of the fans I speak to that have stopped buying season tickets or are going to fewer games than ever before never say it’s due to economic reasons or because the costs are too high. By and large they hold back because it’s a silent protest against team ownership. They know it’s not going to force a sale of the team, but they do it anyway because it gives them some level of satisfaction.

Viewership is at record lows, attendance continues to plummet, and it’s all largely because of the rift between ownership and fans, and the lousy product on the field. We feel as though our franchise has been taken hostage.

A few seem to think that it’s a sign that the team is losing fan interest and support. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most fans I talk to are happy about the direction of the team. They love what we’ve done with our farm system. And they all live and die with every single win and loss.

There is no other fan base who is more passionate than the Mets’ fan base. Why else do we have more Mets blogs than any other major league team? And why else are we more engaged in social media than any other fan base. Mets Twitter is legendary.

The problem is not our loyalty.

Everything the Mets do these days comes off as a money-grab.

They want us to spend on this and spend on that while the team sports a bottom ten payroll.

A day after Johan tossed a no-hitter they were selling reproduced ticket stubs for a hundred bucks. Stuff like that…

For the last two years we are being made to feel as though the fans are at fault for not having a payroll figure that befits our major market standing. It’s our fault because we didn’t flock to Citi Field to watch Frank Francisco, Collin Cowgill and Ronny Paulino.

Can you imagine any other company in any other industry telling their consumers that there won’t be any future product improvements unless they sellout all their inventory of inferior product first? Who does that?

“We’ll go back to Classic Coke, after we recoup all the losses from New Coke, so drink up America.”

On Friday, Fred’s BFF – retiring commissioner Bud Selig – said he had no concerns about the state of the Mets during a stop at Coors Field as part of his farewell tour.

“I have a lot of faith not only in the Wilpons, but in Sandy Alderson. And he tells me the farm system will produce the kind of talent they need to do better.”

“I mean this sincerely. And if I didn’t I wouldn’t say it: I am not the least bit concerned about the Mets’ ability to compete at the major-league level. No doubt about it.”

Bud has been enabling everything that we’ve suffered through over the last five years. He made sure that the Wilpons landed on their feet during Madoff-Gate whether it was by hook or by crook. Even usurping his own MLB rules to give them a personal loan from his discretionary fund to keep Mets ownership afloat, and then also giving them a free pass when the deadline for paying the loan back came and went.

There’s so much apathy in the fan base right now, and all of it is very much deserved. So please stop telling us how we should conduct ourselves as fans.

Guess what, dear sirs… We’re not going anywhere. We’re still here loving the team more than ever before – and with everything we’ve got!

We’ll be glad to fill your coffers with plenty of cold, hard cash again once we see you investing in the team with the same exact zeal you expect from us.

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