Pardon The Interruption…

Hey Incredibles, how about giving me a hand here?

Hi Everyone…

As I alluded to a few weeks ago, we are experiencing some tremendous growth and we’ve more than doubled our traffic from a year ago which is very remarkable considering we were already on top of the food chain back then. We’re not talking about hundreds of new visitors and page views per day, or even thousands. The number is in the tens of thousands.

As such, we needed to invest in newer and more powerful servers to accommodate all this new traffic that is expending far too many resources than our current servers can handle. That is why you may have been experiencing brief outages or slow page loads over the last 2-3 weeks.

Today is the big day. We scheduled this off day to do most of the heavy lifting.

For the next 24 hours, the site will be acting very oddly. Some posts may disappear, some of your comments may vanish into the vastness of the internet, some of our images may flash on and off, and other strange and fascinating phenomenon. This is all part of the process as the internet propagates all the information from our old database into our new database.

For at least a day you may be linking to our old server and not seeing new posts, while some of you depending on what part of the country you are, won’t see anything strange at all.

The great news is that by Friday, we will be running at top speed again and though very seamless, you’ll notice that our overall efficiency will quadruple. We went all the way and didn’t pinch any pennies on the technology side of this move.

So long story short, please pardon the interruption while we do some tidying up and some work under the hood.


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