MMO Morning Grind: And So It Begins…


Good Morning, Mets fans!

Our Mets got a nice win last night. Zack Wheeler looked pretty solid, Lucas Duda was great, and Daniel Murphy turned into a Gold Glover for a night.

But I have something a bit more troubling on my mind this morning, and that is the Injury Bug. Us Mets fans know all about the Injury Bug by now… with this team, it’s not a question of If, but When, How, and Who the Bug will strike. We had our first battle of the year with the Bug on Opening Day when Bobby Parnell tore his UCL. Actually, this season’s bug began last season, when it was announced that Matt Harvey would miss the entirety of the much-awaited, magical year that was to be “2014”. 

But last night was the first night of the season where I think we all thought: “This is why we can’t have nice things”. Juan Lagares, who has been the best story of the season so far, went down with a hamstring injury while running to first in the seventh. We don’t know how bad it is yet, but hamstring injuries usually lead to at least 2 weeks on the disabled list, and setbacks, recurrences, and exacerbations seem to occur quite often when it comes to hammys. You could sense the “here we go again” tone in Keith Hernandez‘s voice last night when replays showed our dynamic young center fielder reaching for the back of his leg.

Oh yeah, our biggest offseason acquisition got hurt too. Curtis Granderson crashed into a wall in the first inning, then had to leave the game 5 innings later with apparent injuries to his arm, ribs, and knee.

According to reports, Lagares is likely to go on the disabled list, and Granderson is day-to-day but “very sore”. I guess we just have to hope that Lagares comes back in 2 weeks and can put all of this behind him and pick right back up where he left off, and that Granderson can get back in the lineup after a day off. But that’s wishful thinking, and our wishes as Mets fans are rarely fulfilled.

We might see Bobby Abreu. We might see Kirk Nieuwenhuis (did I spell that right?). We will see Chris Young within the next few days. Hopefully, these guys can fill in and produce if they are needed as replacements in the outfield. But it’s frustrating to see our biggest offseason acquisition leave a game, and it’s concerning to see a young player who is off to such a hot start go down with an injury that often seems to lead to more problems.

But maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe I just have Post-Reyes Stress Disorder when it comes to hamstrings. Let’s hope for the best, and let’s see if we can get ourselves another win tonight. LGM!

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