MMO Game Recap: Marlins 7, Mets 6

bobby abreu

For a moment, after a two-out, two-run single by Lucas Duda, the Mets had a 5-1 lead, Jenrry Mejia was pitching lights out, and it felt like this 13-10 start in the standings was gaining more momentum each night. If you are a Mets fan, like me, you were probably texting or phoning anyone who would listen about the ground ball machine that is Mejia and about these Mets who somehow keep winning despite a lineup that includes the ageing (or ageless) Bobby Abreu. There was some giddiness among Mets fans early in the game tonight. Deservingly so, with a 5-1 lead and a win probability based on similar score and inning context at 94%.

Then, we all remembered that we are Mets fans. Nothing could come easy. The Marlins got a home run by Giancarlo Stanton to shorten the lead to 5-3. That started the sixth inning that Mejia would never escape. He faced seven Marlins, recorded two outs, and ended up surrendering six runs. The 5-1 lead completely vanished.

The Mets showed some fight in the bottom of the sixth inning. An Omar Quintanilla single tied the game at six. The score would remain that way through solid bullpen pitching by both clubs, including another stellar performance by Dice-K, who got the final batter of the 8th, and worked in and out of trouble in the 9th.

In the first frame of extra innings, it was Jarrod Saltalamacchia who broke the tie, hitting a home run off Kyle Farnsworth to give the Marlin the 7-6 lead.

Despite a first inning home run by Bobby Abreu, a 3-0 lead, and then a 5-1 lead, the Mets lost.

Mets Marlins 4.25 WE

Key Play

I suppose it has to be the game-winning home run…

Saltalamacchia GW HR

Starter Focus

Jenrry Mejia

It looked good early. Mejia got his first three outs via ground balls. He then struck out four of his next five batters. Then everything fell apart in the sixth inning. Two extra base hits and a walk leading to six earned runs.

Mejia 4.25

Kevin Slowey

Slowey got off to a rough start, surrendering three first inning runs, including a home run to Bobby Abreu. He struck out four and walked two, surviving only four innings, before Mike Dunn took over in relief.

Slowey 4.25

Win Probability Chart courtesy of FanGraphs. Detailed pitching data courtesy of Brooks Baseball.

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