MMO Fan Shot: I’ve Run Out Of Time, But It’s Been A Blast

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An MMO Fan Shot from Chago

I have been an avid baseball fan since the mid 1940’s a New York (baseball) Giants fan until they moved to San Fransisco . Then spent a few years displaced until 1962 when the New York Mets started playing ball , been a lifer since that time . I’ve seen the good and the bad and recently it seemed really bad again but to my surprise the team is playing well this year , real well . They couldn’t have made an old man happier than they have the last couple of weeks . Unfortunately it seems that I won’t be around to see how it ends . Or how Matz , Montero and Thor among others make their way .

Like we all do at one point or another in this life I have run out of time .Our most precious resource, yet one most of us take it for granted until it’s to late , me included . I have a couple of choices; one to let the doctors have their way with me, but my odds are under 15% and it would not be a cure and keep going proposition just a little extension in time but the trade off would be less quality of life for that extra time. The other is to live out the last month or two that I have left to the fullest.

I choose the latter.

I will be leaving for a fishing excursion deep into the Amazon river basin in a few days for a month and from there straight to the beaches of Phuket , Thailand after that if I am able I will end my time with a trip to Eilat , Israel. All these places I have been to on several occasions over the last 4 decades and are among my favorite places in the world so I figured why not spend my last days there.

Gary Carter

I would like to thank Joe DeCaro for providing us all with such a great Mets haven, and his staff as well especially Teddy Klein (love you brother), David Conde, Tommy Rothman, John Bernhardt and Connor O’Brien.

So many of you have been such fine friends to me: BBLB, Alex68, BailForNails, BarnRat, Benny, Mad Met, MLB GM, Hodges, Salty Gary, Don O’Brien, Damaja, pastline63, knicksjg16, Erin, They call him Mr. Dickey, NY Mammoths, Mets4Lyfe, Anthony, Trevordunn, Henry Johnson, Biggle Boy, Matt Mosher, TPT, Brian D, Met Fan in NC, Colorado Met Fan and Senor Jason.

And then of course are a few that stick out above all the rest El Verdadero Presidente (los veramos en el cielo otra ves amigo), Joey D (take care of MJ and yourself brother you both are shining lights), AlwaysAmazing (goodbye Eileen te amo), Bob Walsh (take that little one to the games my friend enjoy yourself), Mike Lloyd (my brother take good care of yourself we will meet again), the ever present Carlton Krinkle (keep everyone laughing my friend), and Matlack (one of the few people that you can be at opposite ends of the spectrum with and still have a civil enjoyable discussion, my hat is off to you brother).

casey stengel - Copy

It is a very liberating experience knowing you will expire soon. You don’t have to watch what you eat. You can spend like a drunken sailor (sorry Joe D lol) since there really is no tomorrow to save for. And knowing that soon you will be with your maker in a much better place than we are presently, makes for some very interesting thoughts and observations you never had before.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the good times and great conversation and laughs I cherish you all and the memories I have of us together.

Goodbye my friends. May God Bless you all.

Now let’s go out there and win this thing THIS YEAR. Root this team right into the World Series. I guarantee i’ll be watching. My favorite coach for decades now has been Jesus and it’s time for him to put me in.

No remorse, no regrets!


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